Workington Juniors calls on Workington Council to save The Ranch


The WORKINGTON Juniors Football Club is asking Workington City Council for help in saving their home from ‘The Ranch’ in the town.

Young people and parents of some of the club’s 600 members attended Workington City Council’s full meeting last Wednesday lobbying councilors as they entered the Helena Thompson Museum.

Supporters, with banners and signs, stood outside the museum and chanted “Save the Ranch” as councilors entered the meeting.

This was followed by a presentation from Workington Juniors chairman David Garrett, telling the board what the ranch means to the club and its members.

The council also watched a moving video of children asking them to help save the ranch.

Speaking after the meeting, David said: “Workton Junior Football Club have used the ranch for over 20 years.

“We are a football club rooted in the local community.

“We have 600 members which makes us comparable in size to a grassroots club in the Preston or Blackburn Darwin areas which have a much higher population.

“The Ranch is used every week along with other opposing teams.

“It’s a safe environment to enjoy football with more than 30 hours a week dedicated by coaches to coaching and supervising games.

“The club needs to secure the ranch to enable us to continue in our current position. We have a very tight deadline and there are no other secure or immediate facilities available to us within allerdale. We have worked with the WTC to develop a long-term strategy for further development that improves what is provided to players and the community.”

Mr Garret said the club came to the council as a ‘last resort’ to help the community group save their home.

It is understood the advisers discussed the issue in a closed section of the meeting and are looking at ways to help the club in the future.

A spokesperson for Workington City Council said: ‘The City Council is currently considering the bid submitted by Workington Juniors.’


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