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Birthday wishes to Judy Ashbacher on October 31; Chad Rohland on November 1; Kathrine Skogen Myrah and Nora Soland on November 2; Janine Engen, Andrea Thomas and Linsley Bergey on November 3; Daniel Morken, Carter Holty, Charles Myhre, Luke VanCleave and Eric Myhre on November 4; Leah Cody, Jessica Kohnen and Carson Gerard on November 5.

Anniversary greetings go to Tim and Andrea (Cleven) DeWall, 21 on November 4; Brian and Lyn (Johnson) Solberg, 27 on November 5.

Members of the Wilmington Church who delivered Meals on Wheels to Spring Grove the week of October 18-22 were Gary and Jan Lee Buxengard, Keith and Carrie Haugstad, Carol Ann Burtness and LeRoy Williams, Evie Morey and Nancy Strike, Tamitha , Garret and Gavin Peter.

From Thursday to Saturday last week, Jered and Ella Buxengard from Bellechester visited the Gary Buxengard farm. Ella participated in the youth deer hunt, but unfortunately never saw a deer while hunting at Winnefred Buxengard farm.

The Wilmington church board met after the Sunday October 24 service. In attendance were Kevin Anderson, Gary Buxengard, Keith Haugstad, Don Ingvalson, Josh Myhre, David Trehus and Pastor Steven Meyer.

Last Saturday afternoon, Jan Lee Buxengard attended the funeral of Phyllis (Meinzer) Pille-Kelley, 102, at the Hokah Community Church. Phyllis was the niece of Richard Albrecht, the grandfather of Jan Lee.

Last Saturday night Gary, Jan Lee, Jered and Ella Buxengard were among the attendees at Garret and Gavin’s combined birthday party at Shawn and Tamitha Peter’s home in rural Mabel.

Receive our best wishes to Kenneth Anderson, who is hospitalized at Mayo Health System in La Crosse.

Senior dining room and chair

Semcac Senior Dining is open Monday through Friday and serves nutritious and delicious meals at 11:15 am in the front room of the Spring Grove American Legion. If you would like to dine on site or have meals delivered to your home in town, please call the Food Site Manager before noon the day before or earlier at 498-3385 ​​or 507-458-4046 to register for the meal. People in the restaurant are needed for the program to continue. After the Thursday meal, you can exercise and have fun playing chair volleyball from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm.

Wilmington Lutheran Church News:

Sun, October 31 – Reformation Sunday, 10 am, worship service with Pastor Steven Meyer as officiant.

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