MARION – The Independence Boys tennis team traveled to Marion on April 19 for a rescheduled WaMaC tennis meet. Marion would go 3-1 for the season, with a convincing 9-0 sweep over Independence.

“The boys didn’t play aggressive enough tennis tonight, especially in doubles,” said head coach Joe Schmitz, “Marion did a good job of putting pressure on us which created a lot of shots easy for them at the net.”

The weather didn’t cooperate and the Mustangs haven’t played tennis outside in over a week and according to Coach Schmitz, it showed.

“I thought we were playing a lot better in singles,” added coach Schmitz, “and we had opportunities to win games.”

The Mustangs will have another chance against Marion next week when the Wolves come to town.

“We will have to play a lot more aggressively,” Schmitz said.

1.) Nolan Reed (11) loses to Seth Blackford (11) 1-10

2.) Zach Jimmerson (10) loses to Donny Long (10) 6-10

3.) Kaleb Penner (11) loses to Mason Zattowski (10) 1-10

4.) Kyle Beatty (9) loses to Jay Dunlavey (10) 7-10

5.) Brandon Yoder (10) loses to Ethan Hangartner (11) 2-10

6.) Michael Kascel (12) loses to Garret Baxa (10) 8-10

1.) Reed/Jimmerson lose to Blackford/Dunlavey 1-10

2.) Beatty/Yoder lose to Zoltowski/Long 4-10

3.) Penner/Kascel lose to Baxa/Hangertner 4-10

The JV boys have had wins in doubles. Aidan Anderson and Brady Kurt’s team won 6-2, 6-2. Blake Gates and Jaxon Latwesen also won JV Doubles 6-1. Independence JV Doubles’ other win came as Cayne Schultz and Gavin Mestad teamed up with a 6-2 win.

INDEPENDENCE – Thursday, April 21, 2022: Independence defeats Union High School 8-1, improving their record to 3-2 this season. The Mustangs would win 5 of 6 singles matches, to clinch the win early.

The Mustangs were without freshman Kyle Beatty, who has been struggling with leg pain since meeting Marion on Tuesday.

“We’ve decided to sit Kyle down tonight in the hopes that the rest will help get him ready for a very busy week ahead,” Coach Schmitz said.

Senior Aidan Anderson stepped in nicely to earn wins at No. 6 in singles for Independence and teamed with Brandon Yoder to win at No. 3 in doubles.

“I was happy with the way the boys played tonight, especially in doubles,” added coach Schmitz, “It was great to play on a beautiful sunny day at 64 degrees with fairly calm winds as well. It’s been a long period of play in cold and windy conditions, so tonight was a great night to play.

1.) Nolan Reed (11) loses to Sam Klein (11) 10-11 (4-7)

2.) Zach Jimmerson (10) defeats Christian Ryan (12) 10-8

3.) Kaleb Penner (11) defeats Andrew Kline (10) 10-6

4.) Brandon Yoder (10) defeats Jack Carlson (12) 10-1

5.) Michael Kascel (12) defeats Gabriel Jesse (12) 10-5

6.) Aidan Anderson (12) defeats Alex Vander Kamp (10) 10-3

1.) Reed/Jimmerson beat Klein/Ryan 10-6

2.) Penner/Kascel beat Carlson/Vander Kamp 10-5

3.) Yoder/Anderson beat Kline/Jesse 10-4

The Mustangs are scheduled to play 4 games next week, starting with a trip to South Tama on Monday.


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