What happened to the casting of The Craft?


Actor Skeet Ulrich took on the role of disgusting Chris Hooker. Like many archetypal Campus King characters, Chris maintains a good guy personality when the occasion calls for it, feigning innocence and sidestepping the truth like an American running back. That is, until he doesn’t get what he wants, that is, when the spell goes off and the nasty bully comes out. Sarah manages to tame him, in a way, with a love spell, although this too has disastrous results when Chris becomes obsessed and dangerous.

Ulrich enjoyed a prolific career in the mid-90s, “The Craft” being one of five films he appeared in only 1996. Later that year, he joined co-star Neve Campbell in the launch of the “Scream” franchise, although his character did not enjoy the same longevity as his. Ulrich played Billy Loomis, Sydney Precott’s boyfriend and the first murder suspect. He is revealed to have been one of the two killers, along with his friend and co-conspirator Stu (Matthew Lillard), from the start – before Sydney shot him in the head, of course. The actor then appeared as Vincent, the model-turned-assailant in the acclaimed 1997 film “As Good as it Gets”.

Two decades later, Ulrich took on the role of Forsythe Pendleton Jones II, reformed criminal, father of Jughead and eventual titular city sheriff on The CW’s “Riverdale”. He played the role for five seasons before leaving the show; Ulrich left “Riverdale” because he “got bored creatively” (via Variety).


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