Was Philip really a pawn for Lou? But why?


by Anne Foerster Lou premiered on Netflix on Friday, September 23, 2022. The action-thriller follows the story of a suspicious character, Lou, who sets out to help his neighbor Hannah when her daughter, Vee, is kidnapped by her father.

Vee was kidnapped by her father, Philip, one stormy night. He leaves a photo of them with the cryptic words on the other side: “Hi mom. My turn.”

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Allison Janney stars as the vivacious old woman who stays with her dog, while Hannah, Philip and Vee are played by Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green and Ridley Bateman respectively.

The film begins with a rumble of thunder as the sun comes out of the clouds. Lou walks through the woods and digs up a box containing photos of herself from the early days, among other things. She counts stacks of bills, burns a few documents, cleans a gun and places the barrel under her chin.

Lou begins with the protagonist attempting suicide. The title card is followed by the sound of a gunshot, which transitions to a scene where the protagonist shoots a deer. The scene then returns to how her day had started. She went to town and withdrew a large sum of cash from the bank as she rolled her eyes at the US president, denying US involvement in the 1953 coup in Iran.

She seemed to have lived near the city for a while since everyone knew her. She went home and, on the way, reminded Hannah to pay the rent for her trailer.

A storm is announced the same day. After Lou sorts through her things, she keeps an eye on Hannah, who gets a visit from Chris. The two have something brewing between them, however, Chris is killed by Philip before Chris’ relationship with Hannah blossoms.

Philip kidnaps Vee, Hannah’s daughter, in the middle of the storm

The same night, as Hannah is putting Vee to bed, the power goes out. While she’s busy checking the electrical connection, Philip kidnaps Vee from her bedroom by using halothane, or sleeping gas, on her, as Lou later reveals.

Hannah realizes that Philip is behind her missing daughter when she sees a photo of Philip and Vee. Hannah rushes to Lou for a phone call.

Lou, who was pulling the trigger, decided to help Hannah. The women got into the car but it wouldn’t start, leading Lou to realize that Philip had attached a bomb to it. They safely get out of the car before it explodes.

Lou and Hannah then grasped the gist and decided to find Philip. Lou also dissected Philip’s motives and concluded that he was taking Vee to Eagle Bay, presumably to escape with her.

During their journey through the muddy forest, the titular protagonist revealed that she was a former CIA agent after Hannah witnessed her fight two guys like a pro and essentially only the seasoned wanderers do.

Hannah also divulged her history with Philip. She said he was in the US Army and was known for his ruthless methods of torturing hostages.

The two women reached Eagle Bay, but found no sign of Philip or Vee, until Lou spotted smoke from a fire started by Philip nearby. Lou asked Hannah to seek Sheriff Rankin’s help on the pretense that she wanted to rest.

Once Hannah left, Lou took his gun and landed where Philip had camped with Vee. The confrontation revealed that she and Philip were mother and son, and the latter was born in Iran, where Lou had been sent on an undercover mission.

A later conversation with Hannah further revealed that Philip was the son of a “dangerous” man in Tehran whom Lou needed to get close to for his mission. She said she kept the baby to maintain her blanket.

This also seemed to be the reason for Philip’s frustration, who questioned his mother, “Why did you sell me? Philip has been tormented in the past where he was taken by undisclosed men to Iran, and claims his mother did not come to save him.

Even though Philip was removed from the situation and returned to the United States, his mother did not return with him. Now he wants to inflict the same pain on Lou and Hannah. After a fight between mother and son, Philip overpowered his mother and asked her to bring Hannah to the lighthouse.

Meanwhile, Hannah contacted Rankin and asked for her help. Rankin was contacted by the CIA and told that Philip and Lou were CIA targets.

When Hannah returned, she found an injured Lou. The latter leaked Philip’s story and an enraged Hannah left her alone to save her daughter. She was angry because not only did she have to bear the weight of an absent mother in Philip’s life, but she was also disappointed that Lou had never even looked at Vee, her granddaughter.

What happened after the CIA shot Lou and Philip?

Hannah reached the lighthouse and found Vee and Philip stationed at the top. She reached the top of the tower and motioned for her daughter to leave. After Vee left, Hannah attacked Philip with the gun Lou gave her.

Despite her injury, Philip was able to bring Hannah to the ground, until the latter stabbed her hand and stared at the knife that had penetrated a crevice in the wall.

Meanwhile, Rankin located Lou and helped her. When asked why the CIA was after her, she said she used documents proving US involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup to blackmail the agency into investigating Philip and his crimes in Ecuador.

She later said she did it to protect Hannah and Vee from Philip.

After incapacitating Philip, Hannah limped back down to find Vee, who was hiding in the basement of the lighthouse. Lou arrived a little later, and both noticed a pattern that indicated Philip was planning to blow up the tower with all four inside. It was his plan all along.

He didn’t have a real childhood, he wanted to repeat the story of when he was taken from his mother in Iran and held captive in a similar lighthouse.

But his plans were thwarted after the protagonist not only released the bomb, but also escaped the building with Hannah and Vee. The next scene came with another confrontation between mother and son after Hannah and Vee were brought back to safety.

After being punched and drowning the other, they hugged while Philip cried in his mother’s arms. The CIA arrived in a helicopter and shot Philip, who was unaware that the agency knew their location. As the helicopter approached, Lou whispered in his son’s ear, “I’m sorry, kid. Philip was shot and they both fell.

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After the CIA attack, what looked like Lou’s hair and Philip’s body underwater came to light. It should be noted that Lou wore something like a bulletproof vest even though it remained hidden by Philip’s body.

The scene jumped to Rankin arriving at Hannah’s house, where she was questioned by the CIA for the umpteenth time about Lou and why she left the house and the money to Hannah and Vee.

Hannah didn’t reveal anything. She was surrounded by packed boxes, as Rankin noted that mother and daughter had to move to Seattle. Rankin also appreciated Hannah for hosting a beautiful memorial service for Lou.

Hannah and Vee are on the pitcher. They took Jax with them. However, as the mother-daughter duo kept busy staring at the water, Jax went over to a familiar face. Although the face was not revealed, the scene ended with a woman watching Hannah and Vee through binoculars.

Lou is currently streaming on Netflix.

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