USDA extends pandemic-era food support through June 2023


The United States Department of Agriculture announced on Tuesday that it is extending pandemic-era support for the child and adult feeding care program through June 30, 2023.

The program, which is administered at the state level by the Virginia Department of Health, attempts to ensure that all children and adults in need have access to nutritious meals and snacks.

Rather than providing food directly, the program grants waivers to child and adult care centers that support underfunded community members. Waivers reimburse centers for expenses related to feeding at-risk individuals under the program.

Participating organizations include child care centers and schools, but may also include nursing homes and other adult care providers.

Every yearschool breakfast and lunch programs provide approximately 150 million meals to children in Virginia.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the USDA has continued to support the program by providing its state-level partners with additional funding. This additional funding has been put in place to ensure that food assistance services can continue to operate, even in difficult financial circumstances.

Beyond additional funding, USDA’s COVID-19 Assistance Waivers include significant updates to the partner organization’s filing process for CACFP waivers. These changes require participating organizations to document any changes to their food services resulting from the pandemic or resulting supply chain disruptions, according to a VDH press release.

According to VDH’s Paula Garret, examples of programs supported by these waivers include school breakfast and lunch programs, and their summer extensions, and meals at Friendship Cafés that serve retirement communities.

You will find more information on the food program for children and adults, as well as on other services. here.


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