Top 22 Characters in the Justified Ranking


Despite supposedly nearly being killed several times, Wynn Duffy is the cockroach who manages to survive, thanks to a combination of duplicity, self-preservation, and sheer luck. He’s another character who grows well beyond his initial characterization, evolving from a sadistic debt collector to a professional criminal who emerges as a major player in later seasons.

He’s one of the show’s most memorable and down-to-earth villains, with an ominous manner, soft voice, and frankly insane eyebrows. Operating out of a Winnebago with her trusty bodyguard Mike (Jonathan Kowalsky), her love of women’s tennis, tanning beds, and unique bashings are some of the show’s highlights, not to mention the masterful deadpan reactions. by Jeremy Burns. The moment a corrupt FBI agent sitting next to him is shot in the head is both shocking and hilarious thanks to Duffy’s bewildered facial expression.

Her relationship with Mike provides an emotional reward that has nothing to do with being as emotional as it is. We find ourselves in the strange position of rooting for the “remorseless bottled blonde poop bag killer”, who by the end of the series seems more principled and somehow more honorable than the majority of villains. we met.


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