Today in Chicago White Sox History: September 18



A game originally played on June 20, with the Sox beating New York 1-0 in 11 innings, was replayed by the commissioner’s office after the Yankees protested a fly ball call in the second inning. Yes, a White Sox win was literally taken away.

In the midst of a pennant race, the White Sox found themselves losing, 9-8, in the eighth inning of the replay (which was the second game of a doubleheader) when referee Harry Geisel called the game , saying it was too dark. to finish. The decision meant a split for both teams that day.


White Sox outfielder Carlos May pulled off one of baseball’s rarest feats of all, when he hit a grand slam inside the park against Californian Tom Murphy. May, a left-handed hitter, cut a drive down the left-field line at Comiskey Park in the first inning. California Ken Berry, the former Sox outfielder, hit his head while diving for the ball, which rolled into the corner. By the time center back Mickey Rivers reached the ball to send it back into the infield, everyone had scored.

The Sox, behind the pitcher Tom Bradleywon the match, 5-1.


No doubt due to the pandemic-postponed season for the minor leaguers and the compressed nature of the MLB campaign, Garrett Hook became the first player since Mike Leake in 2010 to make his professional debut in the big leagues. His only seasoning came in appearances at an alternate site (Schaumburg), as well as the cream of Chicago’s minor league system.

The White Sox’s top pick in the 2020 Draft knocked out two of the three Cincinnati Reds he faced in his debut, hitting over 100 on the radar gun on multiple occasions. Despite only pitching one week of the regular season, Hook will end up logging more pitches over 100 mph than anyone else in the majors in 2020.


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