Throwback to the Calgary game and before the Labor Day classic!


In this segment, we’ll drop truth bombs as we look back at the Calgary game and drop more truth bombs in anticipation of the Saskatchewan game.

Truth Bombs looks back on the Calgary game

*Winnipeg should have beaten Calgary easier!

Without taking the time to fully break down the 2 interceptions in the end zone, suffice it to say that maybe Winnipeg should have had at least 6 more points – and I think way more!

Intercept 1:

The first interception was thrown from Calgary’s 17-yard line. Prior to the game, the Bombers called a timeout, so with 10 seconds remaining, the game clock would start at the snap of the ball. There should have been a solid play called in that timeout that resulted in a touchdown. An interception after a time out is inexcusable.

Game options:

Zach Collaros was struggling and had a few options. The first option was for Zach to run the ball, slide and put 3-4 seconds on the clock, then go for a touchdown from wherever he slid or kicked a field goal. The second option was for Zach to throw the ball, then go for a second touchdown from the 17-yard line, or score a field goal. The third option, which he took, was to throw the ball into tight coverage. Unfortunately, that pick ended in an interception and no points.

Intercept 2:

The second interception in the end zone came from the Calgary 19-yard line with 2:26 left in the 3rd trimester. This time Collaros kicked on his first read, McCrae and the ball was intercepted. If you ask me, it was a clandestine ball.


On both plays, the intended target for Collaros was McCrae and Muhammad was the defender who intercepted the ball. You might wonder why McCrae – a 5’9″ wide receiver – was the first read against a taller defender on this type of course. However, do you remember who caught the first touchdown for the Bombers this game? That’s right, it was McCrae! And he got so covered that there was a pass interference penalty appeal. Guess who the defender was. It was Muhammad. If McCrae can catch that ball – with one hand – while being seriously hampered by Muhammad, he can catch the 3rd quarter pass if not overwhelmed.

*Allowing the single was a complete mistake and nearly cost the Bombers the game!

If the Bombers had lost, the jock would go to Winnipeg, but not Collaros. No. He would have rather gone to a coach or a returner – Taylor – both, if it was a play called to let the ball go into the end zone for a single.

I’m going to disagree 100% with the coach (if it was a game called). With five minutes left in the game, you don’t make it a 2-point game knowing the other team’s kicker is the best in the league!

Yes, Winnipeg might have started from the bottom of its own end if it hadn’t licensed the single. However, even that is debatable. It appeared that the Bomber’s returner could have caught the ball at the 10-yard line and returned it at least to the 20-yard line.

Nonetheless, Winnipeg moved the ball upfield throughout the game. There is no reason to believe this trend would have stopped if Winnipeg had started deep in its own end.

Additionally, the Calgary kicker has hit from outside the 50-yard line on several occasions this season.

Do you really want to give the CFL’s top kicker a chance to win the game on a field goal because you gave up a single? Certainly not!

Yet the Bombers almost did it! Had it not been for a hold call, the Bombers would have lost the game on Paredes’ foot. Some call it a “ghost call”, others call it a catch-up call for the very weak pass interference call earlier on Willie Jefferson. Call it what you will, the fact remains that Winnipeg gave Calgary a chance to win the game with a field goal. Would those who said conceding singles was the right idea still stick to it if Winnipeg lost on a field goal? I highly doubt it !

Is the bomber’s decision a gamble anyway? Without a doubt!

However, the best bet is to realize that your team also moved the ball at will, taking whatever position on the pitch and not making it a 2-point game.

I just can’t be deterred.

Truth Bombs look forward to Saskatchewan game

I understand, this game has not been played yet! But there are still bombs of truth to be dropped.

*Winnipeg needs to watch out for Garret Marino!

This guy only knows one way to play football and that’s not the way the CFL wants the game to be played! Regarding his actions, CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said, “This behavior has no place in our league.

Serving the longest consecutive suspension of 4 games (split into 3 separate suspensions) Garrett Marino returned to action without learning his lesson!

Before looking at his return, let’s go back to the suspensions. Since the longest suspension the CFL can impose is 2 games, the league imposed a multiple suspension on Marino: a 2 game suspension for the cheap/dangerous/illegal blow on Masoli – which ended the Masoli season; a one-match suspension for verbal comments made about a player’s legacy; a one-game suspension for Marino’s illegal tackle on an Ottawa offensive lineman.

The first game back, what does Marino do? He tries to take Lucky Whitehead’s head off with a flying helmet. Luckily, Lucky Whitehead avoided contact or he too could be out for the season.

What else? After his first match back from suspension, Marino receives a new fine! What was it for? Another unnecessary blow to an offensive lineman.

*Saskatchewan is an organizational mess – but that might not matter, read the truth bomb below

Right now, Saskatchewan is an organizational mess!

They have a head coach who publicly supports players like Marino. I understand, what is he supposed to say? Maybe just say we’ve discussed the issue and are looking to move beyond it. But please Craig Dickenson, don’t tell us that Marino is a great guy and then he comes back from suspension and acts like he did (see above).

Also, there seems to have been a mistake last week when Marino wasn’t listed as a starter. Marino was checked off, Dickenson says it was an accidental mistake. How can this happen?!

Okay, so what about Saskatchewan releasing Na’Ty Rodgers and citing disciplinary issues? ! Go on! Apparently he was cut because he took 14 penalties in 9 games. All right, release the guy. While you’re there, release Marino.

*Oliveira leads the league in rushing yards!

Expect! What? Who saw this coming?

Would you believe me if I told you he leads the league in rushing yards? If I didn’t look at the statistics, I wouldn’t believe it. And yet it is true ! Brady Oliveira leads the league with 604 rushing yards! Hey, where did all of Oliveira’s enemies go? Tell me in the comments where you’ve been.

*Saskatchewan owned the Bombers in the Labor Day Classic

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Bomber fan. Throw all the stats, win/lose out the window as you watch who will win the Labor Day Classic in Regina! They mean about as much as a preseason game in predicting a team’s success in the regular season. However, Saskatchewan has the advantage in the entire history of this rivalry game. However, for the past 17 years, Saskatchewan have owned the Bombers in the Labor Day Classic!

However, the Bombers are the only team to have a rival fan take off their national colors!

The Bombers victory in 2021 was only the second time the Bombers have won this game in 16 years!

Since 1950, Saskatchewan has gone 37-96 in the Labor Day Classic. Saskatchewan also scored more points in the Labor Day Classic with 1,193 points to Winnipeg’s 933 points. Saskatchewan is also the team with the most points in a Labor Day Classic game with 56 points in 1991 and 1995.

Of course, right now Winnipeg is 10-1 and Saskatchewan is 6-5 and aiming for a crossover spot. But a win in Winnipeg is all but guaranteed in the Labor Day Classic. The Bombers will face the Riders 3 of their next four games. Winnipeg must win 2 of its 3 games against Saskatchewan to end any hope of Saskatchewan catching up to Winnipeg in the standings!

Yet none of that matters in the Labor Day Classic! And the Labor Day Classic is a blast for fans of both teams!

What did I understand correctly? What do you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

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