The Texans in 2022: rebuilding 2.0?


Now that the 2021 NFL trade deadline has passed, the future is becoming increasingly clear for the Houston Texans who now have a much clearer idea of ​​what they will need to work with to move forward.

The Texans closed this year’s trade window with two moves. First, veteran running back Mark Ingram returned to the New Orleans Saints for a seventh-round pick in 2024. Third-year defensive lineman Charles Omenihu was traded to the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. against a sixth-round pick in 2023.

In terms of future draft stock, the Texans now have nine picks in 2022, with at least one in every round except for the fifth. The following year, they are currently at 10 with at least one on each round, by Texans Cap.

And keep in mind that this is without any compensation from a surely now inevitable Deshaun Watson trade to come the next offseason.

Given that the Texans would have been steadfast in their demand for at least three first-round picks and two second-round picks in exchange for the triple Pro Bowler, it’s highly plausible to suggest that the Texans might well draft at least 10 rookies. in each of the following three years.

Then take into consideration the lack of players who are expected to stay next season in this current roster, and the magnitude of the rebuild ahead of this year’s rebuild becomes clear.

After dealing with Omenihu, Randall Cobb and Bradley Roby this year, three other players who would have been under contract in 2022 are now gone. As such, the Texans now appear to have just 27 players under contract at the end of this tumultuous season, and only 14 at the end of next season as it stands.

It’s been clear from the start of the 2020 season, when their results fell off a cliff, that the Texans needed an injection of new talent one way or another. But no one could have seen more than half of the roster gutted in two consecutive offseason to come.

This rebuild is arguably the biggest the organization has seen since its debut in 2002, after which it took eight seasons to achieve a winning record.

Thankfully, in his first draft as a GM Texans Caserio appears to have hit a few singles, and potentially even a double or a triple.

Quarterback Davis Mills, wide receiver Nico Collins and defensive tackle Roy Lopez all played an important role in their rookie year as tight end Brevin Jordan and linebacker Garret Wallow showed a lot of promise.

With many valuable choices over the next few years, and potentially one more cargo on the horizon, this franchise shouldn’t have to wait seven more seasons to get back on the road to victory.


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