The Mustangs are coming to the coaches corner of MJ’s On The Varsity Link


On their first playoff victory since 1994 Marlboro will be presented on Wednesday Varsity Link Coaches Corner on the Shore Sports network. Bob Badders, Ed Sarluca and Kevin Williams will broadcast live from MJ’s Restaurant, Bar & Grill in Neptune from 7-8 p.m. and be joined by the Mustangs head coach Jason Dagato with senior two-way speedboats Ryan Mendes and Lucas McEvoy. The show can be watched at

Marlboro (6-3) is riding a three-game winning streak that follows a three-game losing streak after QB AJ Schwartz was lost for the season with a serious leg injury. However, the Mustangs showed resilience as they earned their second consecutive title-winning season and advanced to the SJ Group 5 Semi-Finals on Friday against the mighty Toms River North.

In addition to featuring Marlboro, the show will focus on the 13 surviving Shore Conference teams in the public and non-public playoffs.

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The show will rotate on Wednesdays throughout the football season between The Office Lounge in Toms River and MJ’s Restaurant Bar & Grill in Neptune. In addition to being broadcast live, the weekly show will also be archived on and available for viewing anytime.

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