‘The Lost Daughter’ wins big prize at 31st Gotham Awards



By JAKE COYLE, AP screenwriter

NEW YORK (AP) – Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Elena Ferrante adaptation of “The Lost Daughter” has won four Gotham Awards, including Best Feature at the 31st Gotham Awards, New York’s annual independent film celebration that serves as a hit sending watered to the Oscars season.

Gyllenhaal won the Groundbreaking Director and Best Screenplay Award for her directorial debut.

Star Olivia Colman shared the award for Outstanding Principal Performance with Frankie Faison, “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain”. “The Lost Daughter,” a Netflix release, hits theaters on December 17th.

Monday night’s Gothams were the first real attempt since the pandemic began to summon all the usual auspiciousness of the season. It was one of the first steps on the long march to the Oscars.

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