The financing of the Roscrea Masterplan is an opportunity to “revitalize the city”


The news that Roscrea will receive € 100,000 to create its own Town Center First plan was greeted as a major opportunity by local authorities and Senate officials.

A spokesperson for Roscrea Area City Council and Tipperary County Council told the Midland Tribune that they were “delighted to have received € 100,000 in funding to complete a first town center plan for the town of Roscrea “.

The funding has been awarded under the Irish Rural Development Policy 2021-2025 of the Department of Rural and Community Affairs.

Minister Humphreys announced funding for the first ever Town Center First Plans to help support the revitalization of towns and villages in Ireland to ensure they are vibrant and attractive places to live, work and socialize. The funding will be used to develop a first master plan for downtown Roscrea.

“The master plan will help develop Roscrea’s unique vision and plan for its future development,” Roscrea City Council said.

“The Roscrea Master Plan, when completed, will provide the city with a basis to seek support from several funding sources, including the Rural Regeneration Development Fund (RRDF) and Town and Village Renewal Programs. The master plan provides an opportunity for the delivery of a coordinated investment program for the city of Roscrea. The Municipal District of Thurles looks forward to working with stakeholders, businesses and local residents to define the future development of the city of Roscrea, ”said the representative of the City Council.

Cathaoirleach of Thurles City Councilor Councilor Seamus Hanafin said: “I warmly welcome the announcement of funding for Roscrea as part of the new city center plan. I wish to salute the commitment of the council and elected members in the regeneration of our cities. .

“This Masterplan will provide Roscrea with a global path to revitalize the city so that it is a desirable place to live and work”, Cllr. said Hanafin.

Tipperary Senator Garret Ahearn said Roscrea’s funding “represents a significant amount of money and will make a big difference to the city”.

“This funding is part of a package of 2.6 million euros nationwide with 26 cities each receiving 100,000 euros. Each city selected for this initiative has its own strengths and each will face different challenges in shaping its future. No one size fits all policy will work.

“These new plans announced will form part of the government’s broader policy on the city center, which will be published in the coming months in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

“Tipperary County Council will now work closely with local community groups, retailers and other members of municipal teams to design and achieve the goals of their plans for the city,” said Senator Ahearn.


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