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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Turning Red, now streaming on Disney+.

At Disney Turning Red, young Meilin “Mei” Lee had to deal with a family curse by which she turned into a red panda at the height of puberty. She initially tried to keep it a secret but, eventually, her mother, Ming, discovered her and grounded her, hoping to wait for the Red Moon Ritual where they could seal the beast – which the Clan women have done for centuries after their ancestor. , Sun Yee, passed on the tradition.

However, Mei’s journey of self-discovery and her desire to be her own woman caused a huge rift between her and Ming. This led to a monstrous finale where Ming learned to process his own grief and heal chasms with his mother.

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What happened with Mei and Ming in Turning Red?

Mei fought her monster mother Ming in Turning Red

During Mei’s ritual, she felt sorry for the Panda and decided to kiss him. She broke the spell and transformed into her animal form, letting her mother know that she hated being controlled. Mei liked that people at school liked the Panda, especially her friends, so she couldn’t put that part of her to sleep.

It was sparked by a conversation with his father, Jin, earlier in turn red, where he reminded her that life is about overcoming adversity and embracing flaws. A rebellious Mei then left their temple for a 4*Town concert in Toronto, angering Ming. Her pendant cracked and her giant panda emerged, heading to the Skydome to teach Mei a lesson on her disobedience.

What did Monster Ming do when it turned red?

Mei fought her monster mother Ming in Turning Red

Mei was having fun at the concert with her friends Miriam, Priya, Abby, and even their longtime nemesis, Tyler. However, Ming attacked, berating her daughter for what she considered dishonor and ingratitude. However, a stubborn Mei turned to her Panda, twirling and twerking, showing her mother that no matter what, she would always be independent.

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This infuriated Mei even more, causing her to trash the place and send customers running for the hills. Ming’s family arrived, however, eager to restart the ritual circle, but they needed the titan in place. They had that chance when Mei blasted off like a missile, punching her mother in the nose and knocking her down in their argument.

How did Mei’s family save Ming by turning red?

Mei fought her monster mother Ming in Turning Red

Granny, Wu-Lee, saw Panda Mei struggling to lure her mother into the circle, so she broke her jewel and Panda came out too. All the aunts did the same, kissing their beasts so they could drag Mei and Ming into the circle. Miriam and the gang then had the group sing along with Mei’s family, amplifying the message so the shaman could continue the ritual.

In the spirit world, all the ladies left their pandas behind except Mei and Ming. Mei actually helped Ming heal her own wounds with her controlling mother before they went their separate ways as well. However, Mei made it clear that she loved her Panda, bonding with him when Sun Yee arrived to thank her for accepting the inheritance passed down. Sun Yee used her beast to fight her enemies and protect her family during feudal times, so this act meant a lot.

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How did Mei and Ming recover while turning red?

Mei fought her monster mother Ming in Turning Red

All the generational trauma was healed by turn red‘s conclusion, with Ming storing his beast in a Panda GigaPet. She, Jin, and Mei continued their temple visits, educating people about Cantonese culture, with Mei using her amusing furry beast form that people flocked to. They even used the temple to raise funds to repair the Skydome after damage caused by Ming.

However, Ming was still the typical parent, concerned about Mei’s clothes, but Mei didn’t mind. She accepted her overbearing mother, while Ming was happy that Mei had friends who were protective of her, as was family. It eased her mind as Mei headed to town as Toronto’s resident fuzzball for more shenanigans.

Turning Red is streaming now on Disney+ and will also hit theaters in regions where the streaming service is unavailable.

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