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Rotomaster, one of the leading brands of turbochargers from ADP Distributors, Inc., unveiled its new logo and packaging with an expanded vision to provide complete, industry-leading solutions to the aftermarket of the automobile.

The redesigned brand reflects Rotomaster’s forward-thinking approach to turbocharging engineering and design.

“Since 1978, Rotomaster has lived and breathed turbochargers, celebrating its growth and success over the years,” said Garret Wiebe, General Manager of Rotomaster.

“After joining forces with CARDONE Industries in 2017, we wanted to modernize the appearance of our brand to reflect the same dynamic of innovation that continues to inspire our organization. “

After a long history in the heavy-duty, marine and powersports markets as a premier and aftermarket supplier, Rotomaster is now also focused on the light-duty gasoline vehicle market, which is growing steadily as the market continues to grow. that new vehicles use turbo. technology to deliver more power while reducing fuel consumption.

By combining the engineering and testing capabilities of Rotomaster with the distribution footprint and scalability of CARDONE, Rotomaster is poised to have a significant impact on the turbocharger aftermarket.

The logo redesign represents this synergy – balancing the history of Rotomaster with the bright future ahead. Beyond the new packaging and renewed logo, Rotomaster has also redesigned its website to provide a more user-friendly experience for its customers.

“Rotomaster is a leading brand in the market that offers the broadest coverage and top quality products for turbocharged vehicles of all types. Now it has a revitalized logo and packaging that reflects that fact, ”said Mike Carr, CEO of CARDONE.

About Rotomaster

Rotomaster, a trademark of ADP Distributors, Inc., a subsidiary of CARDONE Industries, Inc., is a turbocharger manufacturing company based in Vancouver, Canada. With multiple locations in Canada and the United States, Rotomaster offers a wide range of turbochargers and components for off-road, industrial, commercial, marine, light truck and passenger car applications around the world. The focus on engineering, flexible manufacturing, material testing, quality assurance and technical support has made Rotomaster the “Turbocharger and Components Specialist”.

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