Road raging San Clemente driver is caught on camera spitting and accosting another driver


Redditors call him a copycat version of Bruce Willis.

Smartphone pictures posted on Reddit’s /r/idiotsincars subreddit and Twitter shows an enraged driver on the road spitting and accosting another driver in the heart of downtown San Clemente off N Ola Vista.

Check out the shocking road rage track making the rounds below.

As mentioned, the incident happened near the intersection of Avenida Del Mar and Ola Vista Road, next to the Ranchito d’Avilta Mexican restaurant.

Here is a link to the location on Google Maps and a screenshot of where it descended below.

100 block from Ola Vista, San Clemente.

the aggressor, supposedly an ex-copdrives a black 2021 Ford Explorer with license plate 8XHU177.

“This video was from a friend of a friend,” /u/horkneeJedi AKA OP commented. “There’s no sound because she was on the phone when the guy started spitting on her. Apparently she turned around in front of the guy and he lost his shit. (Link to comment here.)

You can make the man say, “Drop your phone.”

When the smartphone holder pans the camera, we can see the screen on their infotainment system.

She was on the phone with EDD (California Disability) for over 20 minutes at that time.

Taken in 4K

We see the man, described as a counterfeit Bruce Willis or a haggard Rick from Pawn Stars, spit on the filmer’s car with its window open and closed.

The title says “kid in the car” so presumably there’s a kid in the back seat.

At one point, in a show of frustration and dominance, the man plays with the mirrors of the other car.

And it doesn’t stop there, the attacker stops his Explorer in the middle of the intersection, gets out and approaches the smartphone holder to yell at them again.

Having a bad day, a lot?

Stay in your car, Bruce Willis of

Apparently, the victim ended up calling 911.

“The police said they really couldn’t do anything to help,” says /u/horkneeJedi. “With the help of Twitter they were able to identify him (from the logo on his shirt) and verify his name from his social media. The girl in the video is already talking to a lawyer. Justice will be done. »

According to the Los Angeles Criminal Attorney, spitting is a type of assault under offensive touching and is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail.

Regardless of what the holder of the smartphone that caused this road rage was doing, spitting on it and confronting the offender as a form of vigilante justice is never the right thing to do.

In this case, it is clearly an assault.

I will update this blog post as new information on the supposed case becomes available.


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