Proposed fee for use of Hamden Transfer Station


HAMDEN, CT — Mayor Lauren Garret’s administration announced Tuesday that it plans to charge a fee for use of the transfer station, pending Legislative Council approval.

Read the full press release from the mayor’s office below:

Several years ago, the City installed a scale at the transfer station with the intention of charging a fee. The cost of municipal solid waste disposal has increased significantly over the years and will continue to increase in the future due to the closure of many landfills. Our goal in charging for use of the transfer station is not to punish users, it’s to stop abusers.

Our employees routinely see rented van trucks bring loads of waste to the transfer station with taxpayers responsible for disposal. Also, the policy for entering the transfer station is that you must have a Hamden driver’s license. However, this policy is easily circumvented by having a Hamden resident in the passenger seat.

The Administration recommends a small charge for municipal solid waste of $0.06 per pound for quantities of 200 pounds or less, and $0.10 per pound for quantities of 201 pounds and over.

This pricing puts Hamden at the low end of the price spectrum for small amounts of solid waste and at the higher end of the spectrum for large amounts of solid waste.

Organic materials such as leaves, brush, and tree debris 200 pounds or less are free. Organics weighing 201 pounds and over will cost $0.06 per pound. Outstanding brush permits will be honored.

Solid and bulky municipal waste

200 pounds or less – $0.06 per pound

201 pounds or more – $0.10 per pound


200 pounds or less – free, no charge

201 pounds or more – $0.06 per pound

Although this fee will not fully cover the cost of operating and maintaining the transfer station, it will contribute to our revenue and make us competitive in the region. The City will continue to provide curbside pickup and bulk garbage pickup at no additional cost.

Pending approval by the Legislative Council, the fee schedule will come into effect upon full implementation of the necessary software and hardware.


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