Port of Gulfport Unveils New Technology to Clear Cargo Faster


GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) — With the PGA golf tournament in town, title sponsor Rapiscan Systems hosted a port visit to Gulfport on Tuesday where its sister company, S2 Global, provides security technology.

It all started with a facility tour led by Port Operations Manager Shawn Meyer.

“We showed everyone, you know, the working ships. We have the Dole Maya here. Showed them the operations and diversity of the port,” Meyer told WLOX.

The visit was followed by a demonstration of its new technology called CertScan.

It took years of preparation and a team effort between the port, its sister port in Guatemala, S2 Global and US Customs.

The equipment they unveiled is the first of its kind in the country.

“This is a very unique opportunity. Unlike many countries, we have the opportunity to facilitate, improve our technology and bring a better enforcement layer to the United States,” said Garret Reinhart, acting deputy director of the inspection division. port intrusive.

With CertScan, X-ray and X-ray machines scan shipments entering the United States, allowing port workers here to examine images rather than entire containers.

This means faster inspections and faster deliveries to your grocery stores.

“A person on site, where the container is physically located, has access to this image,” explained Jerome Zeito, network engineer at S2 Global.

In his demo, he shared the example of a truck carrying tires.

“It was marked as requiring further inspection,” he said. “CertScan has a plethora of different tools used for image analysis. Gradually, there is material discrimination. This breaks down the material, the different densities and materials into the colors.

The team hosted a lunch to announce that their new technology will be going live soon.

“Never has it been used in this way, and never has US Customs had such an agreement with a foreign government to exchange information in this way,” said S2 Global President Jonathan Fleming.

Their efforts are aimed at improving the safety, security and efficiency of the country’s second-largest fruit and vegetable port.

“If we save 24 hours on inspection, that fruit, that banana, or those pineapples will arrive at the store and on the shelves 24 hours fresher,” Fleming said.

Port teams are currently building a command center where the technology will be implemented.

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