Parts of the Hudson Valley hit by nearly 7 “of snow



Meanwhile in upstate New York …

If you are like me, you are always in denial about the weather. I always wear t-shirts and rarely remember to put on a winter coat. I withstood warmer weather for as long as possible.

If you need a touch of reality to make you realize that winter is coming, nothing is harder than seeing the snow. Many parts of the Hudson Valley had it over the weekend. Technically it might not be winter on the calendar, but with freezing temperatures and now snow is blanketing the area, I think we can just sit back, it’s here.

The forecast has been warning us of a potential snowfall for weeks now. Many of us see the headlines, laugh at it and ignore it.

He’s finally arrived. Which parts of the state have been hit the hardest and how much have you received?

The footage goes viral online after someone shared their snowpack. It appears that the eastern part of Rensselaer County was hit hard last weekend.

The snowfall appears to have reached close to 7 “.

The area is at a higher elevation. They often see more snow than the rest of the region.

The lower Hudson Valley saw snow early Sunday morning, but no accumulation was reported.

Is the last week of November too early to take out the snow thrower?

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