Parks to improve thanks to grants


Passaic County will use $ 4.5 million in newly acquired grants from the Green Acres and Urban Parks programs to improve its park system.

Dundee Island Park in Passaic, Lambert Castle in Paterson, and Rifle Camp Park in Woodland Park are on the list for upgrades.

The Passaic County Council of Commissioners and Friends of Passaic County Park Inc. have received a grant award notification from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for five projects in the New Jersey park system. Passaic County.

A grant of $ 1.8 million from Green Acres and a grant of $ 500,000 from the Urban Parks program will fund phase two of the Dundee Island Park project in the town of Passaic.

For Lambert Castle, a grant of $ 500,000 from Green Acres will pay for the restoration of the landscape and another of $ 290,000 for the restoration of the castle’s historic Lambert Tower.

Amphitheater upgrades at Rifle Camp Park will be funded by a $ 500,000 Green Acres grant.

There is funding in the 2020 budget for the restoration of Lambert Castle.

The county has also received a grant of $ 1.3 million, which it will use for land acquisition, said Neela Mahbuba, the county’s public information officer.

“The Passaic County Council of Commissioners is continually seeking funding opportunities to help improve the outdoor park experience for our residents and visitors,” Commissioner Director Pat Lepore said in a statement.

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“The funding we have secured will allow the county to expand our recreational opportunities in the county park system and continue to build on the quality of our facilities for which the county is well known,” said Lepore.

Since 2014, the Passaic County Council of Commissioners has invested more than $ 45 million to improve parks, recreation areas and historic sites in the county. The five projects that received grants are in the process of being designed.

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Chateau Lambert – The next phase of work at Lambert Castle, at the foot of the Garret Mountain Reserve, includes landscaping around the castle. The original landscape surrounding the monument, built in the late 1800s by English immigrant Catholina Lambert, was very lush, according to the County Historical Society.

The castle, once the private residence of the silk magnate Paterson, is modeled after an English castle. The castle was named “Belle Vista” for its beautiful view of Paterson, called Silk City.

Lambert lost much of his fortune and his son sold the castle to Paterson in 1925. It was used as a tuberculosis hospital for several years. In 1928, title was transferred to the Passaic County Park Commission as part of the 575-acre Garret Mountain Preserve, according to the historical commission.

Rifle Camp Park – Passaic County has provided $ 2.3 million in improvements to the 169-acre Rifle Camp Park. Last year, a $ 150,000 dog park was completed, along with two new playgrounds. Additional work includes a toboggan run, scheduled to open this winter, as well as work on the amphitheater.

Dundee Island to park – The second phase of the Dundee Island project includes parking improvements, a renovated soccer field, playground and spray park, exercise equipment area, community garden, boat ramp to the water, a walk on the river and landscaping.

Dundee Island Park has a new wading pool in Passaic, NJ on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

Passaic County’s park system includes 4,000 acres of recreation and open space. Facilities include a 36-hole golf course, hiking trails, sports fields, nature reserves and historic sites.

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