of Harker Heights asks residents to conserve water | KWKT


HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas – The city of Harker Heights is in the first stage of the drought response. The city has issued a conservation request for the area.

The City of Harker Heights has implemented a voluntary outdoor watering schedule.

Outdoor watering limited to once every five days, on the day chosen by the customer. The use of water outdoors is not recommended between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., except with hand hoses.

“Any conservation we do in our homes will help us keep our lakes at a point where we can use our facilities,” says Belton Lake Superintendent Joshua Brown.

The Town of Harker Heights receives all of its treated drinking water from Lake Belton. Joshua Brown, the manager of Belton Lake, explains how this conservation request can help them.

“There’s a chance we’ll keep lowering the lake level, and we can’t use boat launches and campgrounds to get further away from the water,” Brown says.

Experts believe that if we don’t cut back now, it could get worse in the hot summer months.

“Last time in this conservation drought watch is to help extend the supply we have to get us through what looks like a tough summer ahead,” says Ricky Garrett, of Bell County WCD1.

Rickey Garrett of Bell County WCD1 says the conditions this year are concerning because we didn’t get much rain earlier in the year, and now with the wildfires it’s more important to start conserving more early.

“The lakes were at full conservation, and they’re close to every lake almost four feet below, below conservation at this time,” says Garret.

Meanwhile, Brown and Garrett ask the community to be considerate and only use what they need.


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