NHL goalie who moonlights as a DJ set to play Lollapalooza 2022


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  • Garret Sparks is an NHL goaltender by day and a DJ by night, or at least in the locker room.
  • He is now set to play his first music festival at Lollapalooza this summer.
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When Lollapalooza released its lineup for 2022, there was one name that stood out. Not because he’s the most famous artist of all time, but in fact, because of the opposite.

It’s one of those “if you know, you know” sort of things.

At the very bottom of the star-studded lineup, the very last name reads “Bucky Cheds.”

If you asked most music fans if they know who “Bucky Cheds” is, the vast majority of them wouldn’t know who he or she is. If you asked hockey fans, though, they might.

Probably not, but maybe.

DJ Bucky Cheds is actually NHL goaltender Garret Sparks. No seriously.

Sparks, who spent time with the Vegas Golden Knights and Toronto Maple Leafs, currently plays for the Ontario AHL Reign and is part of the Los Angeles Kings organization. He’s a goalie by day and a DJ by night.

Sparks has been in charge of pre-game mixes for a few years now, but rarely exercises his talents beyond the locker room. Now, it looks like he’s about to step out and perform on one of music’s biggest stages.

In Toronto, Sparks opened up about her music career. He says he got into mixing music because a growing bandmate of his was doing warm-up mixes on a DJ program and he thought it was cool.

One day, Sparks decided to give it a try, and while competing at the World Junior Championships in Russia, he learned how to shuffle during timeouts. He loved it and the rest is history.

A few years ago, when Sparks led the Toronto Marlies to a Calder Cup (the AHL version of the Stanley Cup), he was not only one of the best goaltenders in the league, but he prepared his team playing with his custom warmer mix. They probably wouldn’t have won without Sparks in the net and Bucky Cheds on 1 and 2.

Bucky Cheds only has 300 subscribers on Soundcloud, so people aren’t quite on board with him yet. Maybe Lollapalooza will be his big come-up?


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