New York firefighters save kitten from dryer vent



Cats can crawl just about anywhere, but sometimes they find themselves in a situation where they need help. Firefighters reportedly spent over an hour cutting and removing parts of a dryer vent where a young kitten had stuck. UPI reports that the kitten got stuck in a house that was under construction on Tuesday night.

The Bridgehampton Fire Department updated the status on their Facebook, saying the 4-5 week old kitten had been rescued. The City of Southampton Animal Control Officer said the kitten was healthy and awaiting adoption. She reminded everyone in the mail that winter attracts many animals indoors.

As we move into a cooler time of year, there’s always the possibility that animals will seek warmth under decks, in deep window wells, or even in places like a dryer vent like us. have seen here, to escape the cold,

Earlier this week, New York firefighters were called in for a different kind of rescue, but this time it was a Christmas tree in need of help. The tree was not so lucky. Police said a man was arrested after setting a 50-foot Christmas tree on fire outside the News Corporation (Fox News, New York Post) building early Wednesday. When extinguished, only the charred frame of the tree remained, with a few sad-looking ornaments dangling from what was left.

When asked why he did such a thing, the suspect allegedly told a detective, “I thought about lighting the tree on fire all day.” FOX reports that he was released Wednesday evening without bail. The tree has already been replaced on Thursday

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So we’ve compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in the movie. This list also includes blockbuster hits and independent films. We hope you enjoy the read and learn more about the Hudson Valley and the movies!

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