New York bars and restaurants that are currently closed due to Covid-19 – New York


The recent increase in Covid cases has caused some New York City restaurants and bars to be temporarily closed.

We’ve rounded up these locations below, to keep you updated on the state of your city and to encourage you to support these restaurants when they can reopen. (In the meantime, you can also support them through gift cards or staff funds, especially during the holiday season when restaurants typically experience the biggest spikes in activity.) We will continue to update our list. as more information becomes available.

There was 10,991 new cases reported in town on Wednesday, December 22. Last week, Dr Jay Varma, senior public health adviser to the mayor, noted that the positive results of the NYC PCR test were double every three days.

In addition to reducing the spread of infection, the closure gives restaurant staff time to get tested, which is especially crucial as lines for testing centers. continue to be gargantuan.

During the week of December 15, the city has on average 170,000 rapid PCR and antigen tests per day. Mayor De Blasio and his designated health advisers estimated wednesday that the city’s testing capacity (including private and city-run facilities, but not home testing) would currently peak at 180,000 per day – although the city plans to open new testing centers thanks to federal aid. Tuesday evening, CityMD temporarily close 13 locations in four boroughs citing that there is simply not enough staff to function.

Even restaurants that regularly test staff report they can’t stay open. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, The Musket Room in Soho announcement“With the increasing Covid cases, we will unfortunately be shutting down for the next few days. Although we have continued to test our team every week, we currently do not have enough staff to continue the service. ”

While many of the city’s restaurants and bars on the list below have said they will reopen after about a day, others have already announced that they will be closed until the New Year, such as ugly baby in Carroll Gardens and the LloHi roof rack in East Williamsburg. Wednesday, several Restaurants of the Union Square hotel group said they would be closed for service until Dec 28.

Neither the city nor state officials have indicated that restriction adjustments are underway. In one press conference Last Thursday, de Blasio said, “COVID is bad for business. Stops are bad for business. Restrictions are bad for business. We cannot let this happen again. As of December 27, 2021, a private sector immunization mandate will go into effect, and New Yorkers aged 12 and over will be required to show proof of two doses of the vaccine, instead of one, with the exception of those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. According to de Blasio, the city “will have inspectors at full capacity” to enforce these mandates. We will continue to keep you posted on any restaurant changes in town.


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