Crookston Town Council met Monday evening in the Council Chambers of Town Hall. The meeting began with the swearing in of new full-time CFD firefighters Jim Perreault and Garret Bengtson. Perreault was unable to attend the meeting, but Bengtson was there in person to be sworn in.

Crookston Fire Chief Tim Froeber said Perreault and Bengtson are great firefighters and even better men. “Both Perreault and Bengtson are great men and great firefighters,” Froeber said. “They each have a lot of experience and years as a firefighter under their belt. Tonight we were able to bring back a tradition of swearing in our firefighters and have them take the oath. I know both guys are going to do a great job for us for many years to come.


The regular agenda began with a resolution approving an ordinance read at a previous council meeting. The ordinance provides rules and regulations for commercial vehicles within Crookston. After some grammatical changes since the ordinance was last read, the board unanimously approved the resolution.

The next item on the agenda was to approve the selection of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. to provide their facilities assessment consulting services on a few existing town-owned buildings so that the Town of Crookston can better understand their conditions. current. “Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. was selected because their bid was about 30% lower than the other bid we were looking for,” said city administrator Amy Finch. “Their offer was $54,000, and we’ve also worked with them in the past and have a great relationship with them. What they’re going to do is start bringing in their team and their staff and do a facility assessment to look at our roofs, HVAC systems, as well as some specialty equipment.We want to understand what is aging and then what all our needs are so we can go out and hire a contractor to fix those issues that need immediate attention.

The board approved the selection of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. unanimously. Next on the agenda was the approval of a dance permit application submitted by the Crookston Ag-Arama Club at the University of Minnesota for Jan. 29 at the Crookston Eagles premises. The board approved the request after a brief discussion.

The next item on the agenda was a resolution approving the subordination of the Fournet building as requested by building owner Jeff Evers. Evers also made the request to CHEDA last week, and the request will keep the city in second place but allow the bank and credit union to stay in first place with the refinancing. Legally, loans and city status do not change with Evers, but the debt may increase slightly in the future. The Board approved the resolution.

The last item on the agenda was a resolution authorizing the allocation of ARPA funds for upgrading the sewer lift station control system. Director of Public Works Brandon Carlson explained the improvements that will be made and the benefits to the ministry. “Our sewer department needs this money a little more than our water department, so we’re going to be installing control panels in our lift stations,” Carlson said. “It’s basically the brain of the lift system, and it tells it when and how to operate. It also sends alarms when things aren’t going as they should. This will give our guys the information at their fingertips on their cell phones, and they will be able to see everything that’s going on before they even leave their house. So it will also be extremely efficient for our guys and very useful for the department.

The board approved the resolution and the expenditure of ARPA funds should not exceed $312,000.


During Board Reports, Town Administrator Amy Finch mentioned that a great conversation had taken place about the potential use of renewable energy to serve the citizens of Crookston, and more details will be shared. later.

Parks and Recreation Director Jake Solberg also mentioned that the community pool will reopen this Wednesday, January 26. The pool had been closed for two months for maintenance. You can find pool hours by going to


The consent agenda included the approval of the proposed minutes of the Town Council meeting of the January 10 meeting and the approval of all invoices and disbursements from the Town of Crookston in the amount of 328,745 $.83. There was also a resolution to nominate candidates for councils and commissions and to approve the composition of council committees. The consent agenda also included the appointment of custodians of public funds in 2022 and a resolution to appoint Corky Reynolds as city attorney for 2022. The next two items on the consent agenda were to to approve the municipal auditing firm as Brady Martz & Associates for the year 2022 and to approve Richard Clauson as municipal engineer in 2022. The consent agenda concluded with a resolution to designating the Crookston Daily Times as the official newspaper for 2022 and a resolution receiving the preliminary report and calling a public hearing on street improvements for 2022 Council unanimously approved all agenda items by consent.


Immediately following the conclusion of the City Council meeting, the Ways and Means Committee met briefly to discuss resources for public purposes. The discussion took place at the request of a council member after the Golden Link Senior Center was informed that the Town of Crookston will no longer be providing snow removal, snow hauling or garbage collection as this is beyond the not of the criterion of public utility and apart from the policies and ordinances of the city.

After a long discussion, many members of the Ways and Means Committee agreed that older people should be supported and that resources should always be provided. However, they also concluded that it should align with current city policy and ordinances. City Administrator Amy Finch answered all questions from the committee and provided more details on why the original decision was made and next steps now that the discussion has taken place. “A letter has been sent to the board of directors of Golden Link advising that as of April 4, the city will not be providing any of these services as it is a private entity,” Finch said. “Tonight’s discussion was to talk more about it. So, the end of the discussion was that the Golden Link Board would be invited to the next meeting of the Ways and Means Committee to report on how their funds have been spent over the past two years. The Golden Link received $78,000 from the city from the Parks & Recreation Fund, and after we know more about their funds and costs and where the money is going, we will provide them with offers for snow removal and cleaning. garbage collection and those various benefits. This will then probably be considered later by the Council.

Since the Golden Link is a private entity, the city cannot justify providing these services for them and not providing the same services to other private organizations.

The next City Council meeting will be Monday, February 14 at 7:00 p.m. inside the Council Chambers at City Hall.


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