New Britain Herald – Plainville brings back former employee as town planner



PLAINVILLE – Mark Devoe, who was previously director of planning and economic development for the city, will return from February 28 as urban planner.

Devoe worked for the city for a total of 18 years over two periods, from 1995 to 2003 and then from 2008 to 2018. He left in 2018 to become an urban planner in another municipality and then briefly worked for himself as a chef business before returning to town.

Following the resignation of city planner Garret Daigle, City Manager Robert E. Lee approached Devoe and struck a deal with him to fill the position. Daigle was hired for an assistant town planner position in Farmington.

“He did a great job and he will be missed,” said Lee of Daigle. “After he gave us his two weeks notice, I knew it would take more than two weeks to replace him. I called Mark and asked him if he would work with us. He expressed interest in filling the position. Mark has done great work for our city in the past, he has a lot of institutional knowledge and he is very committed to our city. »

Devoe said on Tuesday he was “happy to be back.” In his role as city planner, he will work with Cal Hauburger, the town’s economic development coordinator, as well as the town’s director of technical services, fire marshal and building officials.

“We will all work together to push the wheel in the same direction,” Devoe said.

DeVoe said he plans to review the city’s conservation and development plan, which was adopted in 2019 after his input.

DeVoe also plans to oversee the city’s Affordable Housing Plan survey, in which residents can provide feedback on how to develop a plan that best meets their needs.

DeVoe will also assist the city on other ongoing projects he has worked on in the past, such as the rehabilitation and sale of the former White Oak Construction property near the civic center.

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