Neon Pep Rally gets the students pumped – The Tropolitan


by Emma Ellis

Troy University students had the opportunity to show their excitement for the first home football game at the neon cheer rally hosted by Troy’s Student Government Association (SGA).

The pep rally was held last Thursday in the Trojan Arena and students were encouraged to dress in bright, neon colors.

“It was really nice to see a lot of students, Greek and non-Greek, just excited and cheering on the Trojans, but also acknowledging other students in other sports,” said Josh Dawsey, a history student. of Dothan, Alabama. .

While football was the main focus of the cheer rally, other Troy teams that will be playing this season were also featured.

“It was really great to hear from not only the football team, but also the cross country and soccer team, and it was great to hear from Coach Sumrall as well,” said the vice-president. President of SGA Campus Affairs, Kendall Sedran Jr. marketing major from Trussville, Alabama.

“I think the importance of having pep rallies is that it gets the students excited about the games, that way they’re not like, ‘oh, it’s just another game,’ but they’re really excited for it.” said Dawsey. “They see how other students react to the excitement of the game, so everyone feeds off of each other and that keeps everyone just happy and having a good time.”

Campus Affairs hopes to get students more involved in Troy Athletics, and this pep rally was a step closer to that goal.

“We had a lot of students who moved.” said Sedran. “We even had The Fortress performance tonight.”

In addition to being the student chapter of the University of Troy, The Fortress offers non-Greek affiliated students the opportunity to participate in the spirit of Troy in a community setting.

“Every school deserves a good student section, so I think Troy needs one,” said Garret Canterbury, a social science education specialist from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who is president of The Fortress. “If you come to the games, just come and join our section; be a little rowdy with us and have fun!

Students can follow @troysga on Instagram, and they call following The Fortress @the_fortress_troy.


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