Monster Truck to headline Tralapa Summer Festival


The summer festival season is back, including the fifth annual Tramping Lake event, headlined by Monster Truck

TRAMPING LAKE ‑ With pandemic restrictions lifted, summer festival season is back. On August 5-6, Tramping Lake Park will once again host the fifth annual Tralapa Festival which will host a variety of musical performances, a slow-pitch tournament, mini-golf, beach volleyball, and on-site food trucks.

The headliner of this year’s musical lineup is the band Monster Truck. The Music Stage will feature artists on the Friday and Saturday nights of the two-day event.

With only a one-year hiatus in 2020, due to the onset of the pandemic, festival organizers were able to hold a one-day moderated event in 2021.

The event is hosted by a group calling themselves Park Rangers, with matching Park Rangers uniforms. Ryan Neumeier, Devin Charteris, Ashton Tetzlaff, Chad Tetzlaff, Garret Smith, Mike Aldous, Russell Charteris, Gerard Beaven, Brandon Zerr, Mark Knorr and Trina Charteris plan, organize and oversee the event.

Promotional material indicates that Tramping Lake Park has been part of many people’s youth, from day camping trips to long weekend getaways. It was also home to the first miniature golf course in a regional park in Saskatchewan.

Ranger Ryan Neumeier told the Press-Herald/, “The event began as a fundraiser to rebuild Tramping Lake Park, as it had been closed for 13 years. You can imagine the condition the buildings were in, not to mention the amount of overgrowth of trees and grass.

“We are beyond excited to host a full event in 2022.”

Neumeier says, “Each year we donate to a community cause that wins ‘applause for a cause,’ and we like to donate to a mental health organization at every event.”

The main purpose of the event is to help fund ongoing improvements to the park.

As a non-profit organization, they choose to donate available funds to the winner of the Decibel Challenge, known as Applause for a Cause. The donation process is determined by a decibel reader and a representative from each supporting city is called one by one to the main stage and the loudest response from the crowd wins the contest. The winning city would then submit a request to receive a donation for the cause of its choice.

“The moment of each event when the headliner takes the stage and you see the smiles on people’s faces, all the anxiety and stress before the event disappears and it leaves you feeling amazing,” says Neumeier. .

Rangers say they have a long-term goal of opening a second leg and in 2022 they are happy to announce that they will be able to do so this year.

Throughout its history, the festival has flourished. Neumeier says the first year they had around 500 attendees and the event has since grown to over 1,500 people. They hope to be able to cross the 2,000 mark in 2022.

Festival goers still have the option of booking campsites for the weekend, but rangers say they go fast, so check their website or Facebook or Instagram pages for details. Slo-pitch teams and beach volleyball teams also still have time to register.

Sponsors are one of the keys to their success, helping with the initial set-up and preparation costs, allowing the funds raised to go towards the causes for which they are intended.


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