Missing Hudson Valley hiker stranded overnight on cliff rescued


A local man is lucky to be okay after disappearing overnight. Authorities say he was out for a hike on Tuesday, only to slip and fall off a cliff.

NBC says it was his own cries for help that actually saved him. The man was on his own all night in freezing temperatures, but is expected to be fine, according to NBC.

Hudson Valley hiker is missing

NBC says the Upper Nyack man was out hiking on Tuesday when the accident happened. Having not heard from him in some time, his wife called Clarkstown police to report him missing late Tuesday afternoon. She said her husband used to walk on Nyack beach often and it was not like him not to come home like that.

NBC says Rockland County officials have launched an extensive search of the area around Nyack Beach State Park and Hook Mountain. this would involve K9s, drones and foot patrols. Authorities are also reportedly calling in a “high angle rescue team” for assistance, due to the rugged and steep terrain in the area. NBC says a jogger finally heard the missing man’s cries for help on Wednesday and notified authorities.

HV man saved

NBC says he was put in a basket and lifted to a hiking trail. There, paramedics treated him for non-life-threatening injuries and took him to hospital.

Hiker with backpack standing on top of mountain cliff and enjoying sunset


Search and rescue

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website, rangers conducted 426 search and rescue missions statewide in 2021 alone.

A 63-year-old man from North Carolina had to be rescued in October after he hit his knee on a rock and possibly tore a ligament on the state’s highest peak. Due to the high altitude, the New York State Police Aviation Division was called in to assist in the rescue.

A man saved New York’s highest peak

The DEC shared on its Facebook page that the hiker injured himself while hiking with his wife about a mile from the summit of Mount Marcy on Oct. 12. Rangers were able to tie up the injured man’s leg and transport him to a safe place to be lifted by helicopter.

The DEC says NYSP Aviation transported the patient to Adirondack Medical Center, while one of the Rangers flew to Marcy Dam with the man’s wife.

New York’s tallest mountain

Mount Marcy is the highest peak in all of New York State at 5,344 feet. The mountain is located in the Adirondack High Peaks in Essex County near the town of Keane, NY. Tear of the Clouds Lake is often cited as the highest source of the Hudson River. The peak was named after former New York Governor William L. Marcy.

Anthony Wright/Radio Results

Anthony Wright/Radio Results

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