Michigan Workforce Development Institute Receives Statewide “Ready to Build” Pre-Apprenticeship Grant


DETROIT, MI – The Michigan Workforce Development Institute (WDI) received an $8 million grant from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) to support the Michigan Statewide Pre-Apprenticeship “Ready for Construction” (MiSPARC) program.

The MiSPARC program will provide participants with training to help them find employment in the high demand sectors of the building and transport trades of the construction industry, with priority given to the unemployed, the underemployed, the low-income, minority and underserved women through recorded learning. and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.

“The MiSPARC grant is a historic investment in Michigan’s workers and future. As the building and construction trades prepare for the many infrastructure projects planned for this year, the Michigan Workforce Development Institute is training the next generation of apprentices and journeypersons,” said Cheryl SANFORD, CEO of the Michigan Workforce Development Institute. “This funding will allow us to significantly expand our apprenticeship readiness programs, preparing more Michiganders to enter high-demand careers in the building and construction trades.”

About the Michigan Workforce Development Institute
For more than 35 years, the Michigan Workforce Development Institute has provided services to job seekers and employers throughout the State of Michigan. We’ve helped thousands of job seekers become self-sufficient by providing training and job placement assistance in high-demand occupations. Our demand-driven business services model has helped employers stay competitive by attracting and retaining highly skilled and skilled workers. For more information on the Michigan Workforce Development Institute, Click here.


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