Michigan AFL-CIO Announces First 2022 State Legislative Approvals


LANSING, MI – Today, Michigan’s AFL-CIO announced its first round of endorsements for state legislative candidates ahead of the August primary election. The nominees listed in this release have been officially approved following a vote by the General Council and Executive Council of the AFL-CIO of Michigan.

“Our fight for a better and fairer Michigan begins at the ballot box, and this election cycle will be no different,” said Ron BIEBER, president of the AFL-CIO of Michigan. “Michigan’s working families hold our state legislators to the highest level, and we need people in Lansing who will put workers’ rights first. We know that each of our approved candidates will fight for everyone’s right to join a union, to bargain collectively and to enjoy safe working conditions.

The Michigan AFL-CIO Questionnaire is comprised of a range of political issues that impact the lives of union members and their families across Michigan. The questions are drawn from the Michigan AFL-CIO platform document that was formally adopted at the union’s legislative convention in the fall of 2021 and covers issues such as the fight for the repeal of the right to work, the reinstatement of the prevailing salary, increased funding for education. , and building a cleaner, greener economy in collaboration with the skilled trades.

The following candidates were selected for the August 2, 2022 primary election:

Allen WilsonHD-26 (UAW)
Jimmie Wilson, Jr.HD-32 (UAW)
Joey Andrews, HD-38 (AFL-CIO Michigan Defenders)
James Johnson, Jr. HD-47 (IBEW)
Phil SkaggsHD-80 (AFL-CIO Michigan Defenders)
Kelsey Heckwood, SD-14 (CWA)

The AFL-CIO of Michigan, Michigan’s largest labor organization, is a federation representing forty different labor organizations, eighteen different central labor councils, and eight constituency groups representing more than one million union members and their families .



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