Michael Ray Flashes Cheek After Gnarly Golf Injury


Michael Ray suffered an unfortunate injury in a recent golf match, and he took to social media to reveal the aftermath and poke fun at himself a bit.

As Ray’s chosen legend in the 1994 film Forrest Gump explains it clearly, the singer injured his “buttocks” because of a dishonest golf ball. He even shared a photo of the affected cheek on social media, revealing a painful purple bruise.

Ray laughed at his own predicament in the first slide of the post and shared the photos in the second slide.

“Listen, did you know that the odds of being hit by a golf ball on the course completely accidentally are less than 1%,” he wrote in the first slide of the post. “Well, swipe left to see who just joined this elite club.”

Fans in the comments were both surprised by the revealing photo and sympathetic to his injury. A few other country singers also shared comments, including Kane Brown, who hinted that he was also on the course.

“It was loud when I heard it 50 feet away,” he says, with laughing emojis.

Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen also shared his sympathy, adding that he too was injured on the golf course.

“Shit! Same thing happened to me earlier this year, dude left with a driver, punched me on the left side of my chest about 3 inches from my jaw,” Rosen wrote.

A video shared by Ray earlier this week shows him playing golf with Brown and Jake Owen.

Although Ray’s injury looks unpleasant, it surely won’t stop him from playing shows. He is currently opening for Lee Brice’s Label Me Proud tour and is traveling to his home state of Florida for three shows August 11-13.

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