Michael Garret Lester and #MollysKids


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — The good, the bad, and the always real.

This morning an update on one of our amazing #MollysKids who went from stage IV cancer to NED (no evidence of illness), and an update on Michael “Garret” Lester who received the reverse news Monday.

“We just got her scans back and the cancer is active again,” her mother Kimberly Cutler wrote. “We are coming back for chemo on Wednesday morning. It’s not a good Christmas present. To put it bluntly, this is the worst Christmas present. He was in remission for six months, but now we are starting again.

We first shared Garret’s story (he goes by his middle name), in August. He had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma four days before his 18th birthday.

Garret, who was born and raised in North Carolina, moved to Alabama a few years ago, but has an older sister who still lives in Stony Point, North Carolina (a small town in Alexander and Iredell). Garret told his mother that his pain started in his stomach. After his doctor in Alabama called him constipation and the pain did not subside, his mother flew him back to North Carolina to take him to his old doctor in Taylorsville. This doctor eventually sent him to Iredell Memorial Hospital. That’s where they found the mace.

This type of cancer is often found around the bones in children and young adults. After a tough fight earlier this year, Garret went into remission. Kimberly said they were thrilled.

But two weeks ago, Garret woke up crying. He has pain in his legs and back.

“I thought maybe his back was out of place,” she says. “So I told him to take an Epsom salt bath and relax. It helped for a few hours, then he woke up again the next morning. Same thing: Pain. I recommended the same thing: a salt bath. As the week went on and this cycle continued, I started to think that his cancer might be back, but I never gave up hope. Then it started losing weight, feeling nauseous, throwing up and having a headache. All the same symptoms since the first time. We had the scans the last day of November. And here we are, first week of December, with our world upside down… again.

Both Kimberly and Michael are on Facebook reading the comments below.

It’s clearly not the news everyone wants, all the time, but there’s something more…maybe…about it that’s going on this time of year, as Kimberly puts it. .

Please be patient as best you can and let us know. You have a lot of support in that pediatric cancer club that you certainly didn’t ask for or want to join.

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