Kevin Stefanski discusses Thursday’s practice, Raiders and Browns COVID-19 cases: Transcript


BEREA, Ohio – Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski answered questions from reporters on Thursday following the team’s practice at the CrossCountry Mortgage Campus.

Here is a transcript, provided by the Browns’ media relations department:

Opening statement:

“I just finished training there. I have to hand it over to the players and coaches, they have done a great job with this week. It was about adapting, being flexible and adjusting to the minute and the hour. They were able to train there today. I was able to look on Zoom. I should also thank (video director) Rob Pavlas and our video department as they were updating the video system throughout the day so I was able to click on it and watch it. Really well done at all levels. With that, coming into this game, we understand what is at stake. We understand that this is an AFC opponent. I think the guys are excited for the challenge.

On what he feels:


On if there are any updates on Browns players who were recently added to the reserve / COVID-19 roster:

“Nothing new to report. Obviously, for the guys we put on the list, constant dialogue with them with # 1, seeing how they do, and then # 2 making sure they’re locked up, that they stay ready, stay in the game plan and that type of thing. We’ll just continue to follow the minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour protocols. “

If today looked like normal Friday practice, apart from a few missing players:

“It was. Yes it was. Again guys at all levels did a really good job. We covered a lot of ground via virtual tours, virtual meetings, and then we finally put them on. weed for what we call our Wednesday and Thursday workouts. Getting out today and working full out, it seemed to me, was really important. Again, thank you guys.

To find out if he is currently governing himself and the Browns players who are currently on the reserve / COVID-19 roster out of Saturday’s game:

“I don’t know if we’re excluding anyone yet. Granted, when they tell me we’re out of days in terms of negative tests and that sort of thing, then that’ll be official, but I’m not sure if we’re ruling out any of these guys just yet.

If the deadline for activating players for Saturday’s game is 4 p.m. tomorrow:

“I don’t know the answer to that. I am not sure.”

If S Ronnie Harrison Jr. was the only positive COVID-19 test result as of today:

“Yes, Ronnie is positive so he will go on the COVID list. Again, I think that just means that we follow the protocols every hour and just make sure that we do whatever we need to do to keep the guys safe.

If he expects DE Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney to play on Saturday:

“I expect these two guys to play.”

If the return of TEs David Njoku and Harrison Bryant to training today gave the team a boost:

“It looked good from my perspective. David did a good job. Harrison, I’m going to keep talking with the coaches and see how he’s doing, but I was happy with the job he was able to do today.

If the Browns need key players like Garret and CB Denzel Ward to step up even more for this game or if the message is just for every player to do their job:

“I think that’s it – everyone’s doing their job. These guys are important to what we do. Certainly you want them to show up and do their job. I think for the whole team – players and coaches – it’s about winning as a team and making sure you do your part. This is really the message to these guys.

If the rain and bad weather forecast for this Saturday benefit the Browns’ game plan:

“I don’t know who this is helping, what team, but we certainly understand by playing out there on the lake that you’re going to get the items. I thought it was good to have a job today with the wind and a little rain. You must be ready to play in these elements with our stadium.

If quarterback Nick Mullens’ elevation to the active roster indicates that Mayfield will not be available on Saturday:

“I don’t know if we are excluding anyone just yet. We have some flexibility in the list that we will continue to consider and make any necessary adjustments.”

On whether a COVID-19 elevation forces a player to stay active, regardless of the circumstances on Saturday:

“That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that. However, I have a direct line to (executive vice president of football operations and general manager) Andrew Berry.

On if he wants to share the direct line to Berry with the media:

“I will do it after I talk to him (to laugh). “

On reports following yesterday’s league meeting on discussions regarding changes to NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 protocols to only need one negative result to return to the active roster rather than two of 24 time :

“I know people in our organization are in touch with the league on things like that. In the end, we continue as if nothing has happened and at full speed. We make sure we’re ready to go. This is our expectation.

On the CB Nickel Browns’ options this week and the challenges facing the Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow:

“Some options we can do there. You mentioned Hunter Renfrow, he’s exceptional. When the ball goes towards him, he catches it. He can run away from you. Quickly done. Notified. Understands leverage and how to pull off guys. Big hands. We will have our work to do, but we have a few options that we can go about. “

On the Browns to S options if S John Johnson III and Harrison are not available on Saturday:

“Guys have to step up. It’s kind of the name of the game here. We have a lot of guys who got reps there and got game reps. We’re going to be working on that as staff in terms of how we want to start the game, how we want to run and that sort of thing.

When will special teams coordinator Mike Priefer fully assume the interim head coach position, if he’s not available for Saturday:

“We have had some experience with this. This is one of those offers where we are in constant communication throughout the day and throughout the week. Once match day rolls around those final conversations that you have as you walk into a match and talk about conditions, conditions on the pitch during the pre-match and stuff like that, but once that hits you 90 minutes, I can certainly hand over the keys, like you said. I trust Coach Prief and I trust all the coaches to do the job that is required.

On the time he spends reviewing the in-game decision-making process with Priefer ahead of Saturday’s game:

“We chat with our game management group every week. As you know there is so much that happens during a game that you want to make sure everyone is on the same page. You talk about how you think the game might play out, and sometimes we identify it exactly and sometimes not, but we want to have a plan to get into it. Most importantly, we want to be prepared to adjust based on the variables of that particular game. “

If the Browns made the decision to have DE Jadeveon Clowney and Garrett spend time away from the building this week to make sure they would be available on Saturday:

“With Jadeveon he has a disease so I thought it was safe to keep him away. With Myles just go through the process and make sure we’re smart. He was there with his teammates at the end of practice, so I was just trying to be smart with him.

Confirming that Garrett was present at the end of training today:


By confirming that Clowney has an illness but has tested negative for COVID-19:


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