Jake Crist Burns IWA Mid-South Title Belts, Alleges He Wasn’t Paid


Jake Crist has poured gasoline (literally) over his salary dispute with Ian Rotten’s IWA Mid-South, igniting two title belts on fire in a new video. Crist, best known for his stint in Impact Wrestling, posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday in which he alleged Rotten hadn’t paid him in nearly a month and claimed he cut ties with Crist.

Crist noted as he sat under a bridge in the video: “Ian Rotten, I gave you three and a half weeks, almost four weeks now – it’s probably been four weeks! I gave you a fucking month to give me my money. So now that you’ve burned that bridge, I think I have some burning to do myself.

Crist then walked over to the two nearby seated title belts and poured gasoline on them, after which the video cut to a long distance from the burning titles. You can check it below.

Several wrestlers posted on Twitter in support of Crist, including John Wayne Murdrock, Zachary Wentz, Neil Diamond Cutter and Tank. Tank noted that he was withdrawing from IWA Mid-South’s King of the Deathmatch over this. Rotten has yet to respond to the video.


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