Is it legal to make your own Moonshine in New York State?


Moonshine has been around for centuries, and while it’s often thought of as a more southern tradition, its origins in this country are closer to the northeast than you might think. Its roots in the United States actually point to places like Pennsylvania and other grain-growing states. Lower value crops could be turned into alcohol. Moonshine can be made from anything fermentable, and there’s no limit to its alcohol content, according to Mental Floss. But the industry really started to take off when the United States government began taxing and controlling the liquor industry after the American Revolution.

Many years later, moonshining would later become even more profitable during Prohibition. However, 1802-1919 is considered the “golden age” of moonshine in New York State, with the repeal of the whiskey tax. The Civil War led to the reimplementation of the tax, which caused many distillers to work behind the law. At one point, New York City produced more moonlight than all of the South combined.

And while distilling has come and gone, and then finally returned to the limelight lately in New York, is moonshine actually legal in the state? A number of distillers can put the moonshine label on their products that you see at the liquor store, so is this the real deal? According to, it is actually still illegal to own a pot still (or distillation apparatus) intended for making moonshine.

Any person who will manufacture an illicit liquor or who, not being duly licensed to distil under the provisions of the Liquor Control Act, will possess, operate, possess or have under his control a still or distillation apparatus is guilty of a crime.

New York appears to have a very old license for distilleries, according to the website (although there is some confusion if it has been changed or updated). goes on to state:

  • It is only legal to distill alcohol in New York if you have a Federal Fuel Liquor License or Class A-1 Distiller’s License. See below for more information on the distiller’s license.

So, in short, the answer is always no. Making your own moonshine is not legal in New York. Of course, that will never stop many people from trying.

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