In the Past: Funeral of Ex-Congressman Landis in 1922 | News


15 years old

Safety measures are closer to being a reality at the Cass County Government Building, as the county council approved additional funding for equipment.

After more than a year of construction and some minor setbacks, The Andersons ethanol plant in Clymers will soon open.

There are signs of development behind the mall, but so far only rumors of what is happening. Some might say a great Walmart store.

The Logansport Fire Department is planning several fundraising events to help firefighter Kevin Lococo, who is battling cancer.

LHS earned its sixth straight win behind a 5 strikeout performance from Kory Rombold, who allowed just one earned run over the last 21 innings. LHS defeated Rochester 5-1.

25 years

The city is about to demolish the HW Gossard building and build a proposed park in its place.

Cass County Commissioners Chairman Gene Powlen said the state prison inspector determined there was not enough room to expand the jail in the county government building. Cas.

A 25-foot replica of a stegosaurus was built by Columbia school caretaker Glenn Adair. Art teacher Holly Hall and 400 students add the finishing touches to bring the animal into the Iron Horse Parade.

Mount Hope Sexton John Vernon reported completed improvements to the mausoleum, including new roofs and window replacements.

After picking up seven straight wins to open the season, the Pioneer High School Lady Panthers lost 6-1 to Lafayette Harrison.

50 years

The Logansport City Council will review the administration’s decision to file an action against the Indiana Stream Pollution Control Board’s ordinance requiring the city to expand its wastewater treatment facilities.

The possibility of routes to extend E. Broadway to Yorktown Road was discussed at a town planning meeting.

Republican Cass County Chairman Fred Sabatini announced he will not be running for county chairman.

Richard Rusk was chosen to take over administrative duties for the Cass County Extension Office.

Partridge Floor Coverings has moved to its new location at 2120 E. Market.

The sensational Garret Brothers perform nightly at the Holiday Inn, US 24 East.

Jack Nicklaus shot a 67 to take the lead in the Tournament of Champions.

The Winamac Warriors turned in a one-shot performance by Terry Housinger to a 6-3 Northwest Hoosier Conference baseball victory over Rensselaer.

100 years

The funeral of former Congressman Charles B. Landis, brother of Kennesaw M. Landis, will be held at the Landis Farm at 17th and Market Streets. Interment will be in Mount Hope.

According to Logansport Utilities Company’s current plans, the company’s boiler room will likely be fully abandoned within the next six months.

An 11th District American Legion Postal Conference will be held in conjunction with dedication exercises at the opening of the Cass County American Legion House here.

Parents have been warned to keep their children off train tracks and bridges by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.


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