Ideal conditions: Maneuvering the focus on IAQ in the wake of the pandemic


There’s no better scenario for accelerating indoor air quality awareness than a pandemic marked by the uncontrollable spread of an airborne pathogen. Parties ranging from policy makers to big box retailers to residential complexes are grappling with growing concern over the QAI, particularly over how to focus on this pressing issue. It’s hard to know, especially in such uncharted territory and in unprecedented times, which investments make sense, which are real “needs” and how that should inform broader strategies for safe facility management.

To offer insight into this hot topic, host Daniel Litwin, the voice of B2B, is joined by Garret Freeman, National Sales Manager at Polygon on this episode of Ideal Conditions, a Polygon Podcast.

The two discuss the new focus on indoor air quality in the wake of the pandemic, starting with the short- and long-term effects of spending too much time indoors on the health and productivity of people. an individual. They then look at how this directly intersects with facilities managers’ workloads and strategies.

They also talk about the relationship between IoT and IAQ and how IoT technology can be properly used to improve air quality. Freeman looks at how Polygon uses the IoT, including technology like ExactAire that monitors environmental conditions inside buildings, to improve IAQ.

Tune in for an insightful conversation!


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