Idaho House Censorship Giddings


The Idaho legislature has returned from its recess to complete a few legislative items that could wait until January. The House voted 49-19 to censor Rep. Pricilla Giddings. The vote follows a report from the House ethics committee. Giddings was also removed from the House Resources Committee.

The Speaker of the House shared his thoughts in a press release. “This vote was expected as part of the House of Representatives return to Boise and one of the many topics that needed to be addressed before closing the books for this year’s session,” said House Speaker Scott Bedke . “I hope we can now all come together over the next few days to block the latest attempt at federal overtaking by the Biden administration.”

The House also decided to block Joe Biden’s vaccine legislation. Biden lost a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. The ruling derailed Biden’s use of OSHA to force employers to require proof of vaccination or face dismissal.

Several states, including Idaho, have sued the federal government over Biden’s decision. The challenge for Republicans will be how to fight Biden, while keeping IACI happy. The IACI is the influential business organization that sent a letter to lawmakers last week demanding the government stay out of immunization mandate affairs.

“It is time for the Idaho legislature to take a clear stance on vaccination mandates,” said Megan Blanksma, majority caucus chair. “By approving legislation to fight federal mandates for vaccines of any kind, the Republican Idaho House caucus is signaling its commitment to dozens of other states that resist President Biden’s overbreadth.”

Legislative leaders hope this session will be different from last winter. This session is the third of the calendar year. The first session was the longest in the history of the body. A summer session was convened to deal with liability issues related to the events that occurred during the Covid pandemic.

The House has never officially adjourned in case the legislature is needed in an emergency. Governor Little came under heavy criticism during the early months of Covid. Several lawmakers felt that they should have been involved in the governor’s decisions during this time of crisis.

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