I was a jerk to the guy in that mass cannabis store


If you listen to “Slater and Marjo In The Morning” you may have heard me mention that every now and then I experience anxiety and that CBD can help me.

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it’s short for cannabidiol, an oil derived from the cannabis plant that is good for pain and inflammation and even promotes good mental health.

CBD can be combined with THC (the chemical component that causes a psychoactive effect), or just on its own.

It was late August and I had recently run out of CBD candy and it was time to head back to the store. It should be noted that I had just applied online for my expiring driver’s license.

I get out of my car and jump in the happily short line on a hot August afternoon to find the guy checking IDs. The guy will surely recognize me, right? Well, maybe not in a mask.

This is when I hope the guy doesn’t notice and let me in. Or, he notices and just leaves me somehow.


He said to me: “I am very sorry, sir, but your license has expired and I cannot let you in.”

Now normally I would just say “I understand, sorry about that”, and walk away, but this time I was really confused.

It didn’t work because he kept saying “sorry”.

This is where I feel ashamed. The poor guy was just doing his job and just because I applied for a license renewal online just in time and didn’t get my hard copy on time, I took it upon him.

Anyway, I was wrong and owe the man an apology, I haven’t met him yet.


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