HV family lose their home to devastating fire, how you can help



If you’ve never had a house fire, not only are you lucky, you also can’t imagine how scary it can be. In fact, I had a fire in my house in 2015, and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. Thank goodness no one was injured in the fire, all people and pets were fine, but the next 6 months of my life were spent in a motel. It was difficult, but the support of my friends, my family helped us. And why am I telling you this story?

A family in the Hudson Valley town of Palenville has suffered a devastating fire just before Christmas of all time. Fortunately, the family and the two dogs were able to escape the blaze, but they still have not located their cats. Everything this family owned was in the house, and now they could use our help to get through this very difficult time. A fundraising page has been launched for the family.

At present, they could use the clothing donations for family members. Winter hats, gloves and jackets would be especially popular at this time. Backpacks, sports bags and suitcases are also needed. When it comes to shirts, pants and shoes, all sizes and needs of family members are listed on the fundraising page. The Palenville Library is accepting physical donations for the family this week, all hours are also listed on the fundraising page.

I wish this family the best for the difficult months ahead. It’s hard to celebrate the season when your whole world has been torn apart. If we can help with our donations, that may just shed some light on it. And if you’re in the Palenville area, be on the lookout for their missing cats.

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