Hirsh Mohindra Leads New Northshore Clinical Lab Expansion Efforts


Northshore Clinical Labs has seen tremendous success over the past year. This has helped create a state of growth that Hirsh Mohindra, COO at Northshore Clinical Labs says will be very important in the years to come. But how did this partnership come about and what did it accomplish? Read on to find out more!

Northshore has created a business networking group that promotes the work of related companies in northern Illinois. Members can also gain access to shared talents, tools and technologies, as well as business development opportunities. Their goal is to create a network of people committed to moving the business community forward. They make the best use of Chicago’s resources to help businesses give back to local communities and create much-needed opportunities.

Northshore Clinical Labs supported over 100 summer camps last summer by providing COVID-19 testing to campers and staff. Hirsh expanded lab operations to give faster results, as many campers could not participate in the activities until the results were returned. He sympathized with the situation and led the team at Northshore Clinical Labs to work longer hours to produce results quickly. Many camps received their PCR test results within 12 to 18 hours.

Northshore Clinical Labs supports onsite COVID-19 testing for many companies across the country. They look forward to continuing to support these businesses as positivity rates increase and as more offices reopen. One of their customers, The Bazaar, Inc., is a large Chicago area wholesaler.

Northshore Clinical Labs also hosted on-site clinical trials for Bazaar, Inc. A quote for use by Garret Rosiek, Bazaar Human Resources Manager:

“Since our on-site testing began with Northshore, we’ve been able to better support our employees and their families mentally and physically. Delivering faster results on-site, rather than when our people were tested off-site, dramatically reduced the time our people spent on the job waiting for results. The speed with which we recovered our results mitigated the spread of COVID-19 at our facility. We have also seen the trend drop to a whopping 0% or positive employees over the past two weeks at our facilities. “

Future of Northshore partnerships

The future of the business will be shaped by the people and businesses that work with them. While collaboration is essential to success, at the same time it can be difficult to come together and agree on how to carry out a project from start to finish without having different goals or priorities. Northshore has found a great way to help businesses and individuals maintain a sense of normalcy during this protracted pandemic.

You can read more about the recent growth of Northshore Clinical Labs here.
Or visit their website for more information: https://northshoreclinical.com/


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