Haunted Texas Tech Campus Tour Starting Halloween Weekend


The Military and Veterans Program (MVP) department is teaming up with student organization Raider Power of Paranormal to organize ghost tours of the Texas Tech University campus.

The fundraiser dubbed “frightraiser” will feature stories of paranormal experiences that have taken place on campus.

On Friday, participants can arrive between the Student Union Building and the library from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Participants will then depart for a 45-minute tour through campus.

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“Our ghost tour invites attendees to accompany an investigator carrying a lantern and make their way through campus where they will meet storytellers,” said Garret D. Langlois, Raider Power Paranormal advisor.

“Each story is unique and their sources range from legends passed down through generations of students and still whispered in dormitories today, to real-life tragedies that have left a permanent scar on Raiderland,” said Michael Harper, coordinator of the program for MVP.

General admission is $ 5 and for children three and under it is free. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Raider Power of Paranormal.

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Sierra Mello-Miles, director of MPV, said the idea for ghost tours for fundraising came during a staff meeting with Harper.

“I was recounting my experiences growing up around college and inevitably ghost stories popped up,” Harper said. “I had heard several stories growing up both as a child of an employee and as a student.”

Mello-Miles said she suggested the ghost tours on spur of the moment. She reached out to the Center for Campus Life about the idea and found out about the student organization that ran ghost tours during this year’s welcome week.

Raider Power of Paranormal was created in 2019 by three students with the help of their advisor. Since the start of the semester, when the first ghost tours were held, Raider Power of Paranormal has grown from 14 to 164 members.


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