Governor Hochul to bring back popular service to New York



You can sometimes roll your eyes when politicians publish their initiatives for the rest of us peons. However, this is a decision that most citizens of the state can probably follow. In fact, some polls say nearly 80% of New Yorkers support it. This move can certainly make life easier for some, but more importantly, it has the potential to save many businesses across the state in these difficult times.

The New York Post reports that the Drinks-to-Go initiative will be back in the Empire State. The popular take-out law, or “booze to go,” quietly expired in 2021 when state lawmakers failed to renew it. Governor Kathy Hochul addressed this and many other COVID-related issues during her first State of the State address on Wednesday. She also proposed giving a tax credit for purchases related to COVID, such as heaters and outdoor seating.

Takeout alcohol has kept many bars and restaurants operating across the state during some of the most difficult times since 2020. The state had only extended the rule for one month at a time. Restaurant and bar owners pleaded with executives to make the decision permanent. New York Senator Brad Holyman even introduced legislation in May 2020 that would have allowed the state’s relaxed liquor laws regarding take-out and alcohol deliveries to continue for two more years.

Lisa Hawkins, spokesperson for the Distilled Spirits Council, welcomed Wednesday’s decision:

This is great news for New York’s hard-hit hospitality industry. The recovery is going to take some time and making the take out cocktails permanent will provide these businesses with a steady source of income as they begin to rebound.

In other news, did you know about some of these state liquor laws? Can you actually drink if you’re under 21 in New York City? According to, a person under the age of 21 is allowed to drink if alcohol has been given to them by a parent or guardian. You are also permitted to drink if you are a student and the alcohol was given to you under a program approved or registered by the state department of education, and you are required to taste the alcohol for the required program. Other than that, all other under-21 drinking is still illegal statewide.

What are the signature drinks of each state?

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