Garret Dillahunt Cast News: Where Crayfish Sing


Garret Dillahunt wastes no time signing new projects. In May, we will see him fighting zombies in Zach Snyder’s Army of the dead movie, he will also star in Michael Bay’s action thriller Ambulance and now Deadline reports he was thrown in Where sings the Crawdad.

This film is an adaptation of Delia Owens’ New York blockbuster novel that follows a young girl, Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones), who lives in the coastal town of Barkley Cove, North Carolina. She lives isolated in a cabin and is a source of interest in the community. When a young man is murdered, all eyes are on Kya as the prime suspect.

The film is produced by Reese Witherspoon, who has done extremely well with her book The Film Adaptations of Wild, Gone Girl, Big Little Lies, and Small fires everywhere. When Witherspoon featured this book in his Reese’s Book Club, it was assumed that this would also be suitable for cinema.

Garret Dillahunt to star in Where the Crawdad’s Sing book adaptation

Fans of Dillahunt were shocked to learn that his character John Dorie in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead was killed off in the most recent episode. He was a fan favorite, and viewers have been gushing about his love affair with June (Jenna Elfman).

In an interview, Dillahunt shared that he enjoys his time on the show, but it’s time to move on to other projects. And he has a lot of them in the queue.

As mentioned above, we’ll see it in Netflix’s Army of the Dead on May 14, 2021. It’s a Zach Snyder movie, and the teaser, sounds like a great apocalyptic movie.

Then comes the movie The longhouse, an adaptation of a novel by William Gay. Dillahunt will star alongside James Franco, also director, and Josh Hutcherson, Timothy Hutton and Robin Lord Taylor.

Another Netflix Original that Dillahunt will star in is a fictional film about the life of Marilyn Monroe called Blond.

He will also play in Ambulance, an action thriller by Michael Bay about two thieves who steal an ambulance after a heist heads south.

Fans will certainly have plenty of opportunities to see Dillahunt in a variety of new projects.


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