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Powerful feeling

Quite a sensation was created in Dominick Street, Galway, yesterday (Thursday) evening when the licensed premises of Mr John Hosty were raided by the IRP in charge of Battalion Officer McAvinue, and there was much of amazement when a few minutes later the police emerged taking with them a large number of devices used in the manufacture of poteen.

A Crossley tender from battalion headquarters, Lenaboy Castle, then arrived on the scene and the captured device was placed on it. It would seem that information reached the officer-battalion of illicit alcohol trafficking and that a search of the premises was decided.

On an attic a number of items used in illicit distillation were found, including a still, a “worm” still, a pot head cap, a bush, two barrels, a barometer (claimed to be used only by expert distillers).

A number of bottles with a strong smell of poten were found at the scene. A man named Mackie, who was at the scene while the belongings were taken out of the house, was arrested by volunteer police for obstruction. He was also placed in the tender and taken to Lenaboy.

Electoral delay

Elections in Ireland will not take place until the Free State Bill is passed by the British Parliament. There is a growing feeling that these elections should take place as soon as possible.

The Irish nation is currently experiencing the pangs of rebirth. The process has not been easy or simple in the history of any country. The forces that do harm and evil always come to the surface at such a time and make the transition period fully serve its purpose.

The state of Ireland and the events of a political character which have taken place in recent weeks have tended to produce in some a spirit of gloom and pessimism. We think there is no need either. Overall, Ireland emerged from the most difficult period in its long history with infinite credit for itself.

The spirit everywhere has been to restore peace; even where the machinery to restore it was not always vested with full authority, the peace was maintained by the ordinary citizens of Ireland. If there have been regrettable breaches, if some men have carried the spirit of war into an era of peace, the fault lies not with the Irish as a whole, who, now that the Black-and- Tannism was kicked out of us, will, immediately after making their own government machinery work properly, disregard home-made imitators.

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