Fundraising to begin for the San Marcos High Mental Health and Wellness Building


Source: Royal Pride Foundation

The Royal Pride Foundation (RPF) is delighted to announce the Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD) School Board’s approval of our $4.4 million fundraising plan.

The SBUSD School Board unanimously approved at its Jan. 25 meeting the request to begin fundraising with the goal of securing $4.4 million in matching funds to construct an all-new school building. Health Careers Academy (HCA) and upgrading the current wellness center to expand school mental health services. HCA was first established at San Marcos High School twenty years ago with the strong support of the Honorable Lois Capps, former Congresswoman, who before running for office was a longtime school nurse.

“We are thrilled to have school board approval to begin this important work,” said San Marcos High School (SMHS) Principal Dr. Kip Glazer. Glazer shared that she has wanted to improve the existing wellness center to increase school mental health services since the first day she arrived at San Marcos as principal. Additionally, she wanted to expand the HCA program so that more students could enter a variety of healthcare careers.

“The RPF Board of Directors not only said yes to the fundraising support, but key board members also provided additional expertise. As an educator who has never run a major fundraising campaign like this before, their encouragement and practical support was invaluable in creating the fundraising plan that was approved by the board of administration of SBUSD,” Glazer said.

Garret Headley, President of the RPF, is grateful and encouraged by the approval of the SBUSD Board of Directors. “We believe this project fits perfectly with RPF’s mission to raise funds to support all students at San Marcos. Creating new and improved facilities for the Health Careers Academy and Wellness Center is a critical positive step in meeting the mental health needs of our students, and we are proud to support Dr. Glazer’s vision. .

Glazer is optimistic that the project will attract strong philanthropic support. “I was passionate about the project even before the pandemic and now I think it’s more important than ever given the dramatically increased mental health needs of our students,” Glazer pointed out, “I’m confident that our generous community who cares deeply about our students’ mental health and the need for medical professionals will help us.

The RPF has already secured $25,000 from the Mosher Foundation to hire a consultant to manage the fundraising campaign. “We are pleased to support this project,” said longtime Mosher Foundation board member Ed Birch. “This project aims to improve the well-being and mental health of our young people. It’s exciting to hear about Principal Glazer’s vision to meet the increased mental health needs of young people as well as expand educational opportunities that will lead young people to pursue careers in health care.

With this first approval, the work has only just begun. Next, Glazer plans to form a Principal’s Fundraising Campaign Advisory Committee and hire a campaign consultant. Once the campaign consultant is hired, Glazer will need to develop another plan for SBUSD board approval. “The Volunteer Capital Campaign Planning Committee initially identified fourteen different naming opportunities, and we will still need to present this plan to the school board for approval,” Glazer said.

She hopes to reveal additional details and exciting progress at the Royal Pride Foundation Gala, scheduled for Friday, April 29, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. Glazer would like to encourage the community to support the gala, which aims to raise $250,000 in support of the Royal Pride Foundation and other RPF-funded priority campus projects. said Glazer. “I especially want to thank our two gala chairs, Ms. Linda Dozer and Ms. Juneal Chenoweth. Without dedicated volunteers like them, there will be no RPF and we will not be able to continue the fundraising effort. I would like to encourage anyone who is in a position to sponsor a table, purchase a ticket or donate items to the Gala to do so.

Glazer estimates fundraising for the capital campaign will take about two years and stressed that construction cannot begin until all funds are raised and made available to the district. The state Architect’s Division will also need to approve the plan. Glazer thinks the time frame can be shortened if the fundraising goal is reached sooner. “The sooner we collect the funds, the sooner we can submit the documents to the state, which takes time for review,” Glazer said.

For more information on how you can support the Royal Pride Foundation Gala, please contact RPF Executive Director Tina Ballue at [email protected]

For more information on how you can support the HCA and Wellness Capital project, please contact Kip Glazer at [email protected]


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