For the Bonehead on Route 9 who did that behind the wheel



Distracted driving can be very dangerous. We’ve all been stuck behind the person texting without paying attention to the road. Either they won’t notice the light when it turns green, or you’ll find yourself watching their vehicle slowly lurch as they type their last message. Anything that takes your attention away from what is happening in front of you is not good. Then you have the ones looking at themselves in the mirror, or even putting on makeup while driving. Maybe a parent who keeps turning half of their body out of the way to continually yell at their children?

But what we saw the other day really takes the cake.

It happened this weekend on Route 9 near the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Luckily it was early afternoon and the traffic wasn’t too bad, or it could have turned into quite an accident. We saw an Odyssey that appeared to leap forward at the lights, then suddenly crash for no reason while they were driving. The vehicle also swerved at times as this driver was unaware of what he was doing. Something was wrong.

But were they drunk? Not quite sure, but once we finally got through we noticed why the middle aged woman wasn’t focusing on the road. This lady was reading a book while driving. Not a big map on floppy disk, or some sort of vehicle manual. No. It was kind of a paperback, maybe a novel, and it looks like they’ve come a long way. The driver had his left hand on the steering wheel, while the right held the book in front of him. How she didn’t cause an accident is a puzzle.

We don’t know exactly what she was reading, or had she done it before. Maybe she had to be somewhere where someone just couldn’t put the book down? But it goes without saying, don’t be a jerk and do something as carefree as that.

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