Find out why Seattle could be ‘cleaned up’ in 2023


Maybe an excuse to clean up Seattle? (Facebook – Seattle looks like shit)

Maybe an excuse to clean up Seattle? (Facebook – Seattle looks like shit)

Seattle’s decadence is no secret. Cluttered with an increasing number of homeless camps and other activities, the city’s crime rate has risen sharply.

There could be a reason for the city to clean up. Coming soon

Seattle’s urban decay has been documented, even social media sites are monitoring the blight. One of them, Seattle looks like shit, has over 84,000 active members. Besides its shocking title, the site actually does a believable job monitoring and surveillance of degradation. Members post more photos and report more activity than even Seattle-area media.

But there might be an “excuse” to clean it up, and it came today from the governor’s office.

Governor Inslee announces a major event coming in 2023.

Thursday October 27. The Inslee office announced that the city will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) senior officials and ministerial meetings, which are scheduled for 2023. The exact date has not yet been indicated in the press release. .

Washington State has huge trade with the Far East and Asia, and according to Inslee’s office:

“Hosting one of the 2023 APEC Senior Officials Meetings in Seattle will showcase U.S. economic leadership, particularly in economic inclusion, given the large, diverse and dynamic of Asian Americans, Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the region..”

However, as we are used to seeing in big cities that host big prestigious events, there is an effort to “clean up” or at least sanitize the appearance of the city.

Given the extent of decay and urban decay in the Emerald City, it is very likely that there will be concerted efforts to “fix” or at least clean up and hide the homeless camps and other visible problems.

It may be cynical, but we’ve seen it time and time again. A large city will do sweeps to remove unsightly “elements”, at least in the areas where these big events will take place.

So maybe next year, before the APEC senior officials meetings, Seattle will find a way to fix a problem they’ve either ignored or just inefficiently thrown money away for years.

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