Everything Mike Gundy said at Oklahoma State Football Media Day


“We had him at camp. Kasey (Dunn) and the others had him at camp young. I don’t know, how old was he – a sophomore, maybe? – and loved him He played his senior year, and they didn’t throw a lot of passes, I think. The year before that, they had Boo. I mean, not Boo, Cade Horton was the quarterback- back of Norman. We called him Boo. And so (Bray) had the ball a little bit, and then when Cade went to college, I don’t think they threw him a lot of passes the next year, so he just went unnoticed. But he came to camp, I mean second year, and when he showed up, I vaguely remember Dunn and them saying it was a no-brainer. Now, I might be missing some of that because it’s been a lot of days since then, but I think I’m pretty close.


We played him last year more than we should have. He wasn’t ready to play last year, but he helped us win a few games. He was just outside running. Now he understands technique, he understands body control, he understands eye placement. He’s got a good feel for covers and things, so he should move a lot faster this year than last year because he’s been there. His heart is pounding in his chest, he’s sweating, he’s tired and he’s used to it all now. So his course skills and understanding of how the game is played are considerably better than they were. Well, last year around this time, he was right there. Now he has an idea of ​​what’s going on.”


“Not as much as me, I wanted to keep continuity on that side of the ball. Joe Bob is a very smart coach, and he played in that position at one point in his career, so I thought it would benefit our players. , two things. First, having a coach who’s been in the system so they can speak the same language, and then two, personally for his career, I thought it was better for Joe Bob to come out from the defensive line and come back to the second tier so he can learn what’s going on there if he wants to advance in his career and potentially be a coordinator. I never told him that, but I just think it’s good for his career. When I asked him if he coached linebackers, he said, ‘Sure, I’ll do whatever you want me to do’, and I said, ‘I wish you were coaching linebackers.” I think that’s good for those young guys, so the young guys that we just talked about. Like Malcolm (Rodriguez) and (Devin) Harper were there, so anyone could train them to some degree. Just give them a game and let them These young people need a lot, and bring in someone from the outside who doesn’t understand our language and our terminology and have them learn and they might set us back, that’s That’s why I made the transition, and personally, I thought it was good for him.”


“It was fantastic. As a former player, he understands. He’s a good communicator. He’s smart. He’s very level-headed, easy to talk to, lets things slide behind his back, doesn’t take things personally. He’s been great for that. He’s been good to Oklahoma State, and I’ve enjoyed my relationship with him. I need to text him. I haven’t done that. I hated to see him leave our conference, but I guess it was a great opportunity for him there With the new commissioner (Brett Yormark), like I said earlier, I don’t need to go in in detail, I think he’s going to be fantastic. I think what could happen, a lot of times, when you change commissioners, it’s kind of like head coaches, maybe. Before it’s all said and done he might have people he brings in. Ed might know. I don’t know. I just guess. But I know Ed has been fantastic for us, and I don’t read i wish the best.”


“He’s their communicator, so whenever there were issues, good or bad, things had to be changed on the compliance side to make sure pre-game that their team stays on 40 and our team stays on the 40. He kind of had it all. He did it all. He had a lot to do with our meetings, organized them. He’s very organized, very well spoken, and he’s very smart when it comes to being well balanced in what we do so he communicated with us all the time, if it wasn’t a thing he would text me, ‘Coach, what do you think? The Big 12 has to vote, give me your opinion on that.” And we just had a good line of communication, and I just thought he was great for this league.”


“Well, the first thing is that there is no strength, they weren’t ready. Are you asking me if they progressed faster during the season? Yes, because they had to. And so we all do it. Like when we’re forced into something that we’re not ready for, we naturally progress in that area if we like doing it. What’s hard about this game is the physicality of it. A lot of times your body isn’t ready for that which I just think pretty much every one of these guys at some point missed two or three games because they got injured That’s why I’m not a big fan of playing freshmen unless we go into a desperate mode. What I like to do is what we did with James Washington, where he comes in and plays eights, 10s, 12 plays a game and then we bring him in, and towards the end of his freshman year we started playing him more, but he had been through August, s September, October. We started coming in in November, and he started playing 25, 30, 40 games a game, but we brought him to that level. m there and put him in a difficult situation. It’s definitely a progression that I’m more comfortable with.”


“Yes it is. I don’t need to talk about Coach Glass and what he does. Everyone knows what he does, but he (Oliver) doesn’t even look like the same person It would be interesting, if they knew what we know now, how badly drafted would he have been? He would have been a five-star, right? So we homered him, and he has to go on, and I’ve had a few discussions with him. Collin is very mature, and he takes care of himself. He has a great work ethic, and if I talked to him like I would with my own children, I would say so much that you stay humble and real and understand where you where you come from and how you got to where you are and have maintained your work ethic, you’re going to play this game for a long time, and I think it will For him to change his body like he did, especially that he didn’t do a red shirt, because the guys who are in this incoming class who don’t He’s not going to be in both depths, they lift and train differently with Coach Glass than the guys who are and play ng, so he didn’t lift weight during the season because he was playing. So in August, September, October, November, December he didn’t lift weights, compared to if he would have been a guy who wasn’t in the field, his workload in the weight room would have been considerably different, and he would have had one more day a week, then he’s just getting started. It wouldn’t surprise me, what did we list it for now? What do we say it weighs? (245) OK, so it wouldn’t surprise me by this time next year if he’s got 260, because he hasn’t lifted heavyweight, but he’s a good one, no doubt.”


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